Skyrim weight gain

Tried modding Skyrim for the first time and along several mods I’ve installed CBBE, BodySlide and WeightMorphs.

Made a few videos to show them off, there are more to come
Here’s the playlist:

Check them out and tell me what you think

Update: new video


This is such a good mod. I love the way the belly works and how it looks since it isnt the famous torpedo belly


I agree, though it would look even better if the player model had a few more polygons.
Anybody know a mod for that? can’t seem to find one and I can’t get the 3d model out to import it into blender to subdivide it. It uses a weird file format

It sucks for me who only plays in first person, so i cant see the belly. Wish there was a mod like this for npcs, that would be nice!

Ah, but you can! Check out the mod, “Immersive first person view.”. It reworks the camera so that you can see the 3rd person body in first person (and thus when you look down you’ll see your body).

Although if you design your character’s breasts to be too big, you’ll have a hard time seeing your belly growing :slight_smile:

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Can you make belly stuffing and digestion mod in future?

i don’t honestly think there is,it’s one thing to alter how it looks but it’s incredibly hard to alter polygons without changing the game itself.

Looks awesome.
One thing I would like to see is a soft cap for stomach capacity to limit the amount of food the player can stuff with, but allow them to slowly increase their stomach capacity over time by overeating. Not enough games/mods incorporate the stuffing aspect of this fetish.
Also maybe a mobility penalty when the character is stuffed/overweight

This is awesome! Never thought something like that exists as a mod for skyrim. I hope I’ll get a chance to install it and take a look on it myself(人 •͈ᴗ•͈).
Btw, your videos are so good.

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yeeeessss I can do that, also there is an option for reduced stamina proportional to how stuffed they are

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it took me a whole night to actually get them to work properly (after several months of failed attempts and abandon), skyrim mods are fiddly af in my experience. I can walk you through if you encounter any issues c:

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Thank you (◕ᴗ◕✿) I’m really happy to know that (≧▽≦)

How did you get the belly to grow when eating food? With the mod it just seems like you just gain the weight right away

or moreso what did you set the morphs to? I tried changing it for the belly but it just went to the torpedo belly

From what I remember from my last play, I used “Realistic Needs and Diseases” for weight gain instead of Weight Morphs. In addition to all of the other things it added (including bonuses/penalties based on your weight), RNAD also used the Weight Slider for weight gain instead of modifying the belly morphs directly. That way, it didn’t worry about conflicts with the pregnancy mod I was using at the time.

For best results, you still need to use CBBE or some Bodyslide-compatible body, and set up your skinny/heavy body sizes. You technically can use the default body, but it doesn’t get exceptionally large (you get a little stocky at most).


Is this available on the XB1 or is it just on PC? :relaxed:

PC only There’s no way to get these to work on XBox.

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I have CBBE, BodySlide, and WeightMorphs installed. I’ve created a weight gain gain preset in BodySlide, but for some reason, I can’t get any body presets or CBBE morphs to appear in the Race Menu during character creation. Any ideas? In BodySlide, I did a Batch Build with Build Morphs checked.

that’s a bummer. why not?

My game don’t have animation because every bugged