Slay the spire mod : the Red Boar



Well hello! I’m Exas4000, the creator of the game: Feast of the Greedy.

Since i’m doing a side project at least related to our weighty community, i decided to make this Post to relay any stuff happening with it.

so Slay the spire is a deck building rogue like and 1-2 weeks ago, the devs of that game enabled steam workshop.


I hesitated a lot before starting this project. and has of now, i’m still in the setup stages.
My goal is to have a custom class added to the game, one of wich would still have some of the game’s flavor.

The main event i wish to use has inspiration is the Red mask bandit event. Using them i wish to make : The Red boar

The Red boar would use a mix of moves inspired from the usual bandits and special ones, but also use (hopefully) seduction and Weight gain themed moves. I’m currently getting the help of Alucard V for the concept phases.

The mod required the following before beeing fonctionnal:

  • Setup the mod platform(done)
  • mod.class, to allow the content to be uploaded has a mod correctly (to do)
  • setup character sheet (partially complete)
  • Art (concept phase)
  • Relic, a passive for the character(done, but no way to test yet, could be improve or changed)
  • The cards (setting up + concept phase)

Concept Art
image image


Relic art

Resilient reseves (above) inspired by the red mask relic (bellow)

Have a nice day!


I love that game, play it daily. Seems like a very cool concept, wish you luck with it!


I also love the game, and have been recently messing with mods for it. Since you are looking at a new class addition, you might want to take a look at “The Slimebound” mod currently available for the game. It is basically doing what you intend to do (without the present forum relevant themes of course), and it would be a good source of inspiration or technical blueprint! Plus, it is just a fantastic mod for the game.

Good luck!


I am interested, I don’t have much else to say honestly.


I currently uses several mods in terms of code, but also the base game! I meanly used the gluntton’s mod for the initial settup, usualy paire with another mod at random for comparaison. I’m still struggling with some code, but maybe this weekend or the next week, i should be able to play my unfinished mod.

On another note, the slimebound is my favorite mod so far, due to a mix of feeling powerfull and the flavor of the ennemy it is based character is overwhelmingly present! I have no idea if my creation will be up to the task, but i sure has hell won’t butch my job!


I will annouce that i am unable to setup the mod by myself, and as such i prefer to wait until someone with a minimum of knowledge of Java take the mantle. If any people wish to try their hand at the code, feel free to ask me for the google drive link of the conpressed file or make a new one on your own.

As such the mod is posponed until i find help for the mod. I’m more than willing to do art and help with the code for the cards, but the setup itself is consuming to much of my free time than i should.

Thanks for you understanding.