Slice Of Life - Weight Gain Text Adventure - Version 1.0 Coming soon :)

So, I have been lately working on a textadventure game and I’m very excited for, when I have a demo installed, but I have few issues and things that I want to implement into the story.

The story is currently about a 23-year-old woman called Sabrina who have just gotten a job offer in a big city for a large company, but due to her lack of finances, because of a large college debt she has gotten an offer as to be living with her 30-year-old sister who’s name is Samantha.

It’s not long ago since Samantha had split from her latest relationship, which was cut of mostly due to her weight. Now Sabrina will take up a room and her adventure begins now. Currently I’m working on the whole of first day, which is going to take a little bit of time. I don’t have a lot of Quest experience, but I’m slowly figuring it out.

I’m open to your ideas and your help, so if you got one of those things or both, then feel free to give and share. Hope you guys are ready for this ride. I hope I can release this demo soon, so you guys can get a nice experience before the next version comes out.

See you all very soon :slight_smile:


The Premise sounds quite good, not sure how you want this story to go but from what i can you could have Samatha be a closet Bi/Lesbian aswell as enabling Sabrina at first not wanting to ruin their already good relation as friends.

Then have a new guy come into her life whose clearly a feeder type but who Sabrina gets on with really well from the get go making Samatha really Jelous which starts a secret rivally between the two in which Sabrina waistline starts to really goes up a few notches until she realizes (Depending on in the dark you want it to be)

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So, I have met some trouble with Quest or just something I can’t quite frankly figure out. If you anyone knows how to set of flags and can help me with, then please message me, thank you :slight_smile:

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To set up a flag you need to find the “Set Object Flag” in the Variables tab (at the top of it). Now just put in the whatever object the flag is attaching itself to and the flag name (important you remember, so write it down somewhere as well as something to at least quickly remind you of what it is).
Next thing you need to use the If statements to set what happens when you do something to the object when it either has the flag or not. This can be either setting up two different Look at prompts (each discussing the non-flag and flag state) or whether certain Verbs will result in different results if you want to do an action with it.
So select the If statement and find either one of two prompts in the box that says expression, the “object has flag” or “object does not have flag”. Wait for it to load and set it up as needed with what ever flag the object has.
If you need a step-by-step guide just send out a message.

I would like a step by step guide it sometimes makes it more easier can you direct message me?

I would like a step by step guide. Could you direct message me. Is that possible?

Yeah give me a sec to get some screen shots.

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I’ll give you that :slight_smile:

ive got lots if you want them lol send me a message :slight_smile:

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