Slime Puncher (Combat System Prototype) [V0.3]

I have returned from the grave once again (just in time to miss the Gain Jam) with yet another bare-bones Twine Game that I designed purely to test game mechanics. It isn’t much and could use a lot of polish, but I wanted to get it out there to try and test out ways to make combat in Twine Games something other than linear paths or pure RNG. (147.8 KB)

You play as Unnamed Boxer, and you punch slimes for a living. For sport.

Feedback and bug reports/bug fixes are much appreciated, as I would really like to tweak this system to be usable in larger projects.

Good luck and happy Slime Punching

Older Versions: (147.0 KB)


Quite a fun take on the combat, really enjoyed the different types of slimes, especially the smol ones.
Just a thought tho: maybe add a Rest option inbetween the matches, cus starting when youre out of breath is really annoying.
Also some main character descriptions would be nice, but thats just a after thought.


i forgor :skull: (147.0 KB)


Pretty unique idea for a combat system. Obviously attacking and blocking isn’t exactly a new concept, but it’s cool to see it applied to a Twine game. My main concern with the system is that it might end up being a little too simple, and thus easy to master. If there were a couple of other buttons or factors to consider, I think it could make things a bit more dynamic. For example, if stamina didn’t regenerate naturally and the only way to regain it would be to move your focus to a “rest” button, so you wouldn’t simply be sitting there hovering over the block button in anticipation of your opponent’s next attack while you have low stamina.

The idea of weight making punches hit harder but making stamina regen slower is a cool one as well, but after gaining a bit of weight I ended up killing everything in only a few punches, and there wasn’t really any way to lose anymore. Also, not sure if this was intentional or not, but it seemed like after every single match my character always gained 20lbs pretty much no matter what happened. If my fullness was 0 or 100, it was still the same +20.

Regardless, I think the idea for the combat system in this game definitely has potential, and I’m excited to not only see how it’s iterated upon for this game, but also what other projects you may apply it to in the future.


V0.3 is now out, with the following changes:

  • Fixed weight gain being based off you stomach’s capacity instead of how much you’ve been stuffed
  • Added Resting option
  • If your stamina gets too drained, you’ll be forced into Resting Mode until you recover.
  • Upon winning a match, the difficulty of future Slimes will be raised.
  • Laid out the groundwork for weight descriptions. Still need to muster up the creativity to actually write them so they can be implemented though.
  • Reworked passive stamina regeneration I think.
  • Probably some other stuff I forgot. (147.8 KB)


Yep, I think stamina is still broken, 2nd fight after losing the first one, and my stamina is at -20% when resting.


Nah, that’s just Twine being Twine as far as I can tell. Due to the absolutely scuffed way that Twine keeps track of information, you are able to use more than 100% of your stamina before you tire out, temporarily putting the stamina into the negatives. I’m currently not sure how to prevent this bug, but it isn’t necessarily game-breaking, so it’s low on my list of priorities due to the effort needed to fix it.


No, I mean it was at -20% for like. Up to 80% of my fullness.


That is weird, then. I haven’t been able to find that bug yet, but I’ll look into fixing it once I can get a lock on it.

That or you were up against a Scrappy Slime that went and pulled rapid succession punches on you, that’s also possible if what you were describing happened in a short enough timeframe. Not sure if that’s even possible, but this is the first time I’ve worked with time-based coding.

EDIT: I haven’t found the bug you’re talking about, but I found a ton of other bugs that were mostly caused by my lazy coding (ie gaining weight from Endurance Training, Stamina not being boosted from Endurance Training, really long decimals…). Fixes to those bugs will be in the next update.


will there be other places for us to visit in the future?