Slug Cores: A turn based RPG with female character weight mechanics

Hi everyone! This is my first post. I wanted to share with you a little project that i’m working on. The idea comes from a video i’ve once seen on youtube, it was a clip from the movie “Scourge”, where a girl gets infested with a huge insectoid/slug-looking parasite that pierces through her navel and enters her abdomen. Really hot, i thought. So now i’m making a game out of it. Slug Cores are these slug-like parasites that can infest a female’s belly. Only biological females. This parasites come with both harmful and good consequences. The good ones are that the host will gain powers, like super strength, claws, maybe even magical ones. The bad is that you could turn into a hatchery, a creature that gives birth to other slug cores. I’m planning to add a corruption system that tracks down how corrupted your caracter has become. There is also a wheight gaining system, which will affect gameplay. How?
Well, if you think about it, there isn’t a really good reason for a person that fights alien-infested-superwomen to be fat. But if this person has the power of the Slug Core, maybe yes. For now i’ll just say that fat can provide protection, if the adequate mutations are provided.
The base character model i created has sliders for both belly and breasts fat, and i’m planning to add more, so characters can come in different shapes.

Finally, this is how the game looks as today. The pixelart shader and the toon shader i found online, both under MIT license. As you can tell i’m gonna give it an isometric-3D pixelart look. I also had a gif to show you the jiggle of belly,tits and booty, but there’s an error when trying to attach gifs to the post :frowning:

If you have suggestions or citicism, all will be appreciated! Thank you!



Well. Interesting, to say the least?

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Pregnancy and fat? Hurray! Career, interest, etc.


Love the concept and the art teaser!
Criticism: The woman in the sample is posed awkwardly. It looks like she’s looking at the sky, dancing, and arching her back. Also the shadow of her head has a too-sharp corner.


The shadow looks like swordsmachine from ultrakill and anything ultrakill related is good.


Yup, in fatct she’s dancing because, for testing, i imported a belly dance animation to see if everything was working. As for the shadow… i’m aware, i’m working on it!

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lol! Actually that shadow isn’t right and i’m trying to fix it ahahaha

OK, yeah, if she’s belly dancing then the pose isn’t half bad. I probably didn’t catch on because it was a still image and belly dancing is pretty much never shown from that high, distant angle.

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As is tradition