So basicly I got a brand new idea for a game (and it's only an idea)

hello there, it’s me, and I had a brand new idea for a game, I know I have already put an idea our there, and idk if I should put it in existing one or not BUT basicly, instead of major weight gain stuff coming to your characters, it’s other peoples, but here is the twist, but! your already fat! so what happens is basiclly your a team of all these chubby people, most of which are cutie beans who love snuggles and stuff, to the point they possibly sleep in snuggle piles cause why not, and they are all big chubsters of various sizes, and the gal you play as well, shes probably gonna be like, the only character you play as who’s weight you can change, the others are all these npc’s, and kinda like that halloween 2 game with the chubifying, some of the main shop people in your main town will get chubbier as either A) you complete their quests to get them good foods, and they give you access to some of their better things OR B) you just buy their foods and they progressively get chunkier as they can buy more food. oh!! almost forgot too, this game will be a mainly lesbian game, just because I think FxF relationships are just heckin ADORABLE

so it’s just a real basic idea at this point but this one I actually want to make a reality at some point, buuuut, here is the major problem, I, for 1) dont gave any rpg maker programs, and I know alot of them cost money, so this is gonna be a problem. 2) I cant code worth shit, but I would suspect an rpg maker program will help that out quite a bit. aand finally 3) I cant do art! i just cant, at least not to some rpg maker standards, so um…yeah, this is another idea and im mainly putting this down just so I wont forget it within the bowels of my mind, so ummm…yeah! if anyone also likes this idea, I guess um…hit me up then, or whatever, I guess…or at least ping me in the comments, I dont mind it tbh


Have you thought of pirating RPGmaker?
I believe that you should only have to buy it if you plan to make a game to sell, if it’s for small shit like this it can be seen as a trial period or something.

I didnt even know that was possible, lemme look into it though, and even still, I want some very…specific things, that I still cant really make
nor do I even have a full fleshed out story or anything really

With something like this, wouldn’t have a decent grasp on what you want to do with the story be the best first step.
Use that as a way to gather others to help you out, be it someone who wants to code it, someone who wants to draw it, or someone that wants to help expand upon what you have already.

I’d be willing to help, but the most I can do is some really basic character design stuff, and a second set of opinions to help you see a different perspective.

I mean to be dead honest I wont mind that too much actually, just…oh boy is it gonna be hard

Well, I’ll do what I can to help.
Just let me know what you’d want me to do.

um…well first, mind bringing this into a DM?

One possible solution is to not use RPGmaker, unless you are really set on it. It does have it’s disadvantages for a WG game as the sprites are so small you can’t really tell much about their size visually. I’m not seeing anything in your outline that requires combat, or wandering around maps, the things it is good at. Maybe look at Twine or RenPy - which have the advantage of being free.

It sounds like a good basis, so I hope you are able to progress it.

Finally, take care, discussions of how to pirate something are against the sites rules.

ahh, I will, but yeah, I wanna make an rpg like that one person who made the one game with the blimpy witch where by selecting various attacks, they have various animations and stuff, and maybe even keyboard imput combos like them too

I’m with @dingotush. From the description of your game, it doesn’t necessarily need RPGmaker. I use Ren’py myself and although you do need to learn how to use it, it’s pretty straightforward to create simple games with. Plus, with it being free and very popular, there are a wealth of tutorials, tips pages etc. out there.

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I know that, I just want it to be an rpg game due to how I want some of the battles to be, specific animations, but at the same time, I really dont know if the thing I want actually exists so instead I gotta kinda just…possibly ask around or something