SO Call of Cthulhu

SO a random question but does anyone know if there is a weight gain rule set of the Tabletop RPG Call of Cthulhu after playing a bit of World of horror with the World of Fatties mod has made me think of how that would work?

Note I have only heard stories of the system but it sounds like it would be close to a horror RPG that would fit.

I’ve never seen any, but I certainly could imagine something like that. I read a related scenario once a long time ago for a Vampire: The Masquerade game where some of the vampire clans would capture and massively fatten-up captured people and use them as both a reliable source of blood, and as a form of confinement to make it extremely difficult for a prisoner to escape once they got fat enough.

Don’t ask me where I read that. It was long ago, and I don’t remember if it was official published content, or somebody’s home-brewed idea.


It’s been awhile since I played with them, but my old D&D group had to make their own rule set as to how weight gain worked. I can’t remember the specifics but it involved a sort of token system. So depending on how fattening the action taken is you’d receive a certain amount of tokens. Decide to indulge and have seconds at dinner? That’s 1 token. Have a feast fit for a queen? 6 tokens. Then, when you reach 5 tokens you would gain a certain amount of weight set by the DM, like 10lbs or so


To clarify the system we came up with, the token system was in place because often times characters would do things which would cause them to gain weight if they do them often but wouldn’t cause someone to gain a pound. For example, if a character snacks on candy so they can stay up late researching something, they likely wouldn’t gain a pound from that. That said, if they did that five times, it is reasonable for them to gain 1 pound from doing that. This made it so that there could be a more realistic weight gain system. If time passed, and the character’s eating habits would cause weight gain or loss in that time, then we would add the weight we figured made sense in pounds. I would often give a few weeks of downtime in the game between each case so that characters could gain and lose weight from their typical eating and exercise habits between cases as well.