So how does everyone feel about losing all those deviantart interactives soon?

Gonna miss the Neyu expansion one by Doom-the-wolf


I’ve already lost access to them, Firefox locked the Flash plugin like 6 months ago.
At least we still have the Flash player projector and potentially some other alternatives in the future.

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I don’t really mind, most fetish flash games are one and done in my opinion. They’re fun but don’t have very much replay value, once you’ve seen all it has to offer that’s it.

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20 bones says, at the rates I’ve seen things changing, people are going to “compensate” for this in about 3 months time, maybe even less. There are some well written flash games out there we’ll lose, but those who still care about their work, career, or fanbase will most certainly find a way for their work to live on in some way, be it indirect or not. If there’s anything an artist hates, It’s for something to go to waste.


Whether they’re good, bad, or whatever. Loosing that much stuff stings. No other way to put it.

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There is still hope, rumor has it that many flash game sites like armorgames are working on a html5 flash emulator to keep the flash content alive. When the proper framework comes out, someone can setup a site to host these flash games again

I’m still mourning the loss of dA’s old site layout. This new shit is fucking garbage.


Flashpoint has been archiving ALL flash games all over, which includes fetish games(you’ll have to enable “extreme content” in the options), which includes some fat stuff(though the tags are by game genre not by fetish, so you’d have to know the NAME of the game you’re looking for, or browse the “adult” tag). Fair warning, it also has some of… EVERY OTHER FETISH. So there’s that… but you can delete anything you don’t want.

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This is very sad, there were a lot of very good flash games that I would come back to replay once in a while, and now I won’t be able to.

While losing all of the flash games there is a ton of more games to come in the future from elsewhere ;))

Optimism is nice and all, but there really isn’t any massively universal replacement for Flash yet, except maybe Unity, and half the time it seems like a lot of the old Flash devs just disappeared off the internet instead of learning a new engine.

Kinda sad because they were my first interactive games I’ve played.
I’m really going to miss some of the DoomTheWolf and Barnflakes stuff

I’m sure there’s going to be a way to keep them flash has been here on the internet for a long time there might even be people out there trying to preserve the things you love. Might not seem like it now but people love to find lost media and preserving it as well.

Flashpoint, I mentioned above. It’s been preserving EVERYTHING. Should I provide a link?

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Yes that would be a great idea. But are they preserving flash games as well?

Flashpoint is LOADED with games, including a few lewd ones, even a handful of inflation games.

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That’s amazing news I love the fact that people are going to be able to play the games they loved on flash and I hope eventually everyone’s favorite flash games become available again.

Def more than a FEW lewd. XD
I can’t stress that it has pretty much EVERYTHING. including loli and furry, and a few vore. Just… putting that out there. It’s not enabled by default(naturally), you have to go into the options to enable the “extreme” content. And you can delete anything you don’t want. I recommend choosing lite as it still has everything, you just have to be connected to the internet to play a game or whatever for the 1st time(basically, download it later rather than all at once). And you save literally HUNDREDS of Gigs not downloading games you wouldn’t necessarily play.

Ah, you said it’d be a good idea to post a link sorry.
Downloads are on the left side(I chose the home page as you might want to read that first), and again, I recommend the lite version, er. “Infinity”. You’ll see why when you read the top points for both versions…

…wait version 9?! Holy, I need to update it myself!

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i still can play flash games even after these were supposedly removed, but you can still play them (for example you still can play the original Happy Wheels in it’s flash version on the gamepage, just go to a link in a post and ready you got a flash game that wasn’t removed, you still can play flash games.)