So, I got an Idea for a game

Basicly, its gonna be like a cookie clicker like game, but instead of just normal upgrades and whatnot, its gonna be chubby gals and they gain weight with more upgrades, like, maybe more upgrades are needed for each gain stage, and instead of using cookies as a currency, maybe it can be like, Mass or Fat, I still dont know how exactly things will be, as this is just barely an idea, but I am really interested in trying to do something like this


Something along the lines of Crush Crush except with fat girls?

its more along the lines of regular clicker/Idle games and whatnot, but yeah a game like that would work too

Ah, the classic concept.
The question is, is it a just concept or are you planning to cook something up?

You do it coward

I’ve also thought about this idea, and honestly the biggest challenge I see is figuring out the balance of the upgrades/thing in general so things progress at a good speed. Honestly a good place to start might just be making a copy of other idles games (in terms of numbers) with different art.