So I saw a girl I knew in high school...

20 days and no recap, hope you’re doing great soldier, and her aswell. We’ll be waitin’.

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Alright to update everyone it’s been going actually really well, most of her friends don’t live out here anymore so she’s been coming to see me at my work and we’ve been hanging out a ton. I even took her to my friend’s Halloween party, we have been pretty flirty towards each other and I think I’m going to ask her if she’d like to go out with me soon, the fear of rejection has been holding me down these past few weeks but I think I’m going to do it. Sorry for the late updates, don’t wanna make you guys read the play by play, but you guys will probably be the first to know if it’s official.


Good luck man, you’ll need it


It’s surprising how well you seem to connect with her. I wish you the best of luck in asking her out.


This is a welcoming thing to see every so often.

Well ladies and lads its official, she kissed me, I’m gonna be honest I just couldn’t make the first move but it finally happened, thank you guys for this, I really appreciate the kind words and encouragement, without me posting this I don’t think I ever would’ve talked to her again.


Happy for you and your new relationship!

Does she know you’re sharing her pics to online randos? If so, cool, but if not, i would take this down. I would be very upset if i found out my partner was sharing even relatively innocuous pics of me to randos, especially to a horny site


Congrats man. Hope you two have a nice relationship. Also what @skitterwave said. If she doesn’t know about the photo. Should probably take it down.


Not to sound like a broken record, but I gotta agree with the others. Definitely better to be safe than sorry. I’m happy for you two though!

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Yea you guys are definitely right, I was 100% riding off the high that night :sweat_smile:


It happens. Good on you for rethinking it!

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You could update us with your relationship and other stuff because that would be interesting!


If you two are together in the future and more comfortable. Ask permission at that time. But pls do continue updating us. This progression so far has been cute so far.