So I was working with RPG maker and I was wondering

Say I wanted to have a practice person to fight with, The person asks if you want to fight them you can either say “Yes” or “No” How can I script a fight to start if the person says yes.

Secondly I would like to ask how to add special abilities to classes I’ve made

Thank you

If I’m not mistaken, although it’s been a while and it depends on which RPG Maker you are using, MV allows you to use Show Choices, then if they say “Yes”, choose “Battle Processing” and choose the Troop you want to fight.

As for abilities, you would make them in the Skills tab of Database. Then add them in each respective Class’ “Skills to Learn” section along with what level they learn them. If you want to make skills of another category other than just “Skills,” like a “Special” category, you add that in the Types section of the database and add a “Add Skill Type” to the Traits of the Class.

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This seems more like a programming related question so moved to project help/programming

Leifwarfer’s got you covered on both fronts. Customizing RPG Maker games is a pretty deep rabbit hole with wholly new stuff.

Good luck with what you’re doing!


Thank you so much but… how do I add coustom troops I made with the character generator

Those aren’t troops, they’re Actors/Characters.

But actors can’t be troops? So that means I’d have to use the base troops nothing or get modded troops?

Yeah? They’re completely different game objects. I’m sure there’s a troop/enemy page for some of the default humanoid characters in the database somewhere.

As per chilmistressfreia, yeah, they are entirely different entities in RPG Maker MV. If you ever see a limitation with the software like what you’re seeing, you can usually rest assured that there’s a script for that. That, too, is a rabbit hole.

I use a third-party character generator to make my battlers, but you can use the battlers’ PNG files that you save in [SV_actors] as a basis for enemies if you install Yanfly’s “Animated Sideview Battlers”, and then use the notetag <Sideview Battler: filename> on the enemy. It would essentially replace the image of the enemy with an animated battler sprite in-game, flipped to face the player. Note that if you are new to RPG Maker MV you should not really go crazy with the scripts, just get what you need, tune the plugin to your needs, and learn the basics to code.

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Thank you so much. But yes I just started the program and every bit of help is appreciated.

The RPG Maker forums, themselves, usually have pretty good tutorials! Failing that, there’s nothing wrong with just aimlessly poking around the system to learn.

That’s how I figured out most of the dumb things I know.

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