So uhm searching a way to play a game by the name of "MoeKano" produced by Dorapro

Basically this game is from the appstore and i’ve been trying to find a way to play it since i don’t have an Iphone. Here’s the link to it:株式会社ドラプロ|iPhoneアプリ サポート|もえ☆カノ


There is an andriod version. If you don’t have an andriod phone either you can use blueStack or Nox.

it just have same name, not same game.

OH MY GOD! Is this a japanese phone game about a girl gaining weight?!? Hell yeah! Too bad I can’t read it!

I feel ya…I feel ya…

Well, the store description has an English translation if you scroll down a bit. In summary, it seems to be more of an activity/food tracker app, where you tell it what you’ve done and what you’ve eaten for the day, and then the girl gains or loses weight “with you” based on that. Like those “Burn Your Fat With Me” games I’ve seen translated on Android, but the girl actually changes weight. Still, without an Iphone I can’t look any deeper into what features this game has.

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That sounds ADORABLE! I eat and drink nothing but junk food, and don’t exercise(and yet, I’m borderline UNDERweight), so she’d probably get nice and fat~ I wonder what her max size is? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :thinking: :wink:

Also, there are emulators. I use BlueStacks.

Oh yeah, also also, the english translation is only for the description, not the game itself. And apparently, according to a review, you need a japanese email to even play it.

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But does it work as IOS?

This game probably won’t even be able to be downloaded if you have an emulator. You need to be in the Japanese store to even download it.

Sadly,the game was removed on appstore by unknow reason :persevere: