Soft Fantasies

On my monthly dive through the archives of FA i found a weight gain focused visual novel that i have not seen yet on here.
It’s called “Soft Fantasies” and is created by Ziul Walls. It is in active development and updated every 2 weeks or so.

Description from Patreon:
Welcome to Soft Fantasies, A visual novel where you are a new college student on a new country, Mexico. in this novel you will know a lot of characters with different personalities. The trama goes about your body. You are a chubby boy who will decide what to do with your own body while you know more of each character and their likes. You can make each decision on this great new adventure! Come on try it!

Patreon link: Ziul Walls is creating A furry novel ~ | Patreon
FA link :

(Disclaimer: I do not own this visual novel, i just to give it the extra attention it deserves)


It’s pretty good, although quick forewarning that the English translation isn’t that good.
The game can be played in Spanish and I assume that is the original intention, but you can get the gist through the English version.
Recommend a check out.


The game’s had a huge overhaul since the last post, and it looks like there’s someone helping with translations. The Patreon is showcasing some of the new features at the moment and version 0.01 is coming along nicely

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Wow! thanks so much, this is my project, and yeah, it has now a better english tradution and also a new re-build in a very better engine! Thnaks so much for noticing it n/////n!!


P.S: Today i just updated the novel with a new build ~

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