Solo or multiplayer games (poll inside)

So, planning ahead is a big time saver.
Before i even starts planning around building a multiplayer game.
How many of you are even interested in multiplaying with each other in this communnity?

  • I prefer singleplayer.
  • I really like multiplayer.
  • My answer is in the comments.

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I mean, this is generally a site for fetish games, which usually means that people play these games with a certain solo act in mind either during or after a play session. It’s not exactly conducive to have someone else participating and watching what you’re doing unless both of you are very, very intimate and very open minded.

Don’t think we’d be playing with webcams…

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never hurts to know or ask right? ^^;;
i recon it will prevent a lot of “AFK or…” situations.

Small group multiplayer, like no more than 8 players per session, has me thinking of my multiplayer game idea again.

I prefer keeping kinks to myself, whilst sharing games and other media amongst the community is good, however doing the thing together seems a bit… unorthodox for me.

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very much depends. something like an MMO/rp absolutely, stuff like fighting games maybe, but board games and anything that requires local are a no go.