Some character ai bots I have made

I recently decided to make a few character ai weight gain bots. These few are characters from Overwatch 2, I’d like to share them with y’all and hopefully get some advice. I know I’m not the best at making bots, this is just a try, maybe in the future I could make more bots (not only from Overwatch, Im also open to try some other things, mostly videogame characters).

Here’s a list of them. (I’ll add some with time if you guys like them)


Widowmaker and Mercy


Tired Mercy






By the way I’ve also started to make some bots from the game Brawl Stars cuz I like it and to help bring some variety




Bea and Rosa


Witch (Clash Royale)

Night Witch (Clah Royale)

Hope you enjoy them. Feedback is appreciated, I could potentially accept some recommendations of sone bots to make, mainly if Im a part of the character’s fanbase. Just ask if you want me to make one, thanks.

(Art made by Pewbutt, SkalesStash and SliriX on twitter and Deviantart)


are you a overwatch fan?

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I really don’t like Overwatch, but I guess these are decent bots. You should avoid using characterAI though, there’s an alternative without NSFW filter

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Yeah, I like playing it. Why?

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Thanks, I dont care too much about the NSFW filter but I know there are other options without it

i do like overwatch and if you can make more ai.

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Cool. Making ai characters is kinda something I just do with my spare time, but I’ll keep working on some more from time to time. Is there any other character in specific that you’d like to see?

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ok and yes there is a character it form overwatch 2 her name is KIRIKO

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Sounds good. Maybe I’ll do one for Kiriko. Maybe not right now as I have others I think I’ll do first, thanks. By the way, have you tried any of my ai characters? If so, was it good, bad? I’d like to know how to improve them

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ok i understand that you want to make other characters. I tried you ai of mei, dva, Tired Mercy, ashe they are good. you got the characters personality and the backstory good i like it :smiley:

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Thanks a lot. I’ll keep making more characters with time, I’m probably gonna take some time to make the Kiriko one because I try to find the right art first, then start with the character and I have some already picked up like for Moira and Sombra

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good to hear that take your time ok and i wait

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So…uh, anyone else gonna write a comment? It seems like they’re talking to themselves lol

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You do. With AI bots it’s a story with your input and the bot adds on to it in character.

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Yeah, pretty dry around here at the moment :smile:. I’ll be patient and see if someone else replies with their experience with the bots and/ore some advice


The Widow/Mercy duo was great fun. ^^

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Thanks man, glad you liked it

By the way, how does the user interaction count appear to you on my characters, because to me it says they’re all at 0 interactions and I think it isn’t updating for some reason as its clear some people have already talked to them. If you have some time please let me know, thanks

do you reload the page?

Yeah, I’ve been having this “bug” like a week or so