Some chat bots i made fit-fat cave duck

Some bots i made throught the time enter throught this link and get 1000 points

밤비어렐라 | 케이브덕 this one has vore

New bots

You are a villan that can change reality at his will, i recomend trhow in another heroes since it seems to work just fine

You are the servant of Aphrodite, your plan is to change the beaty standar by changing the image of the god of beaty herself

Since the war ended Fio Germi decide to setle on a vacation but she might relax a little bit too much

You work for the rivals, make the star model of your rivals fatter so they fail (Or suceed maybe by this change)

Clara is a model on vacation, she doesnt want to gain weight but maybe the hotel says othervise

Her freinds put her on the show Fit-Fat-Fit and she cant back out, will she able to complete the chalenge or maybe she will start to like it

Awesome! Glad to see some chatbots that DON’T want to gain weight. I’ll have to give these a try.

New bots 밤비어렐라 | 케이브덕