Some chunky characters from Angry Birds Evolution

I recently started playing Angry Birds Evolution and discovered some interesting characters: Pauline and Doris.

I thought, someone might make some fanarts about them. It’s weird that I never saw them before I started playing this game. There are more such characters but they are so-so.

image image

Meryle and Lady Plume
image image

By the way, about the game:

  • Game always needs the conection to internet
  • There’s no a spontaneous advertisement
  • Gameplay looks like billiards or pinbal.
  • there are some bugs:
    1. Sometimes your turn never begins: pigs made their move but after this birds stay unusable.
    2. PVP bug: You waste your attempt to play pvp but game not begins. There are sounds of a battle field but on the screen is background from the pvp dialog box. The only way is restart the game and loose your win streak.

My advises:

  • What bird you’ll hatch depends from your curent level or level of your company. So save your premium hatches for better times.
  • You get your first 4-star bird at week event.
  • Find a good clan where’s wroten at discription : “Do something or we kick you after 30 days.” or something like that.
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I played this for a while, but I have to admit the big reason was because so many of the characters were fat. The AB Movie has some good fatfur moments, as well, so it’s not surprising.

Also, Samurai Doris is dope.

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