Some gluttonous text adventure texts

Anyway here are some funny (fatty) texts for u guys. From interactive novels.

I’m not going to tell you what are exact names of these games because I’m afraid that admin might think that that I’m advertising. If you know then you already know. If you don’t know, then you can somewhat guess from the titles.

Let me point out that these are not fatty-themed games so if you find them and pay your $ in hopes on finding tons of fatty stuff; don’t blame me afterwards. Just posting this for fun. For me it’s always funny reading this and thinking what the author had in mind while creating ‘normal’ text adventures… and then they suddenly write about this spicy stuff.

have fun. In case ur wondering if there is more fatty or gluttonous content in these games – the answer is NO. A more accurate answer is yes, in the second int.novel, but it’s so little it’s negligible. AFAIR Just some description of ur character trying to fit in a tight dress; and I wonder if its possible to also get a negative reaction from “your” father; like will he also say something spicy if character has bad relationship with him thinking face

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please, tell me what this is.

Are these from The Magician’s Burdern?. Also on Steam it seems.

has anyone found the game?

Oh yeah, played it on my phone. It is suprisingly mellow, until it suddenly isnt. But those self indulgent scenes are pretty nice.

Where can i Find it because i would like to play those games