Some Mods created by @rabuhandoru (Witcher 3, MHW, Nier Automata)

@rabuhandoru has fat mods done with Triss, Yennifer and Ciri. Along with this fourth woman-

And a slightly lighter version

Along with some Monster Hunter World work of theirs

Along with Nier Automata
Preview for it


Excellent find, thanks for sharing! Guess I gotta play Witcher 3 again. Edit are the files in the Mega link for Witcher 3?

No. The second and third twitter links are directed to their method of download. The third link was monster hunter info. Second Link has them super sized, the third link is for them around the size of the screen shots.

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How do you install the witcher mod into the game? I cant find the path where they state it

Nevermind. It installs just like any other mod for these games. I tried doing the automatic install using nexus mod manager but it fucked up so I’d reccomend installing it manually.

just use mod manager

NMM named the files incorrectly

NMM doesn’t handle witcher very well, use this one in stead my friend