Some notes on entering floor 3 + events

I’ve noticed a couple small flaws in going between floors 2 and 3, although given the amount of content rolled out it’s impressive that there’s nothing big going wrong.

-I mentioned this in the update notes thread already, but unlike floor one, you’re not given the option to stay on floor two after defeating the succubus. It’s a bit of a pain if you’re trying to clear the floor looking for events/specific enemies.

-Going back to floor 2 doesn’t, by itself, mess anything up. However, going to floor 1, defeating the goblin chief, and ascending to floor 2 from there re-locks floor 3 until the succubus is defeated again.

-While it looks like the drinking events on floor 3 were designed for weight redistribution, the text just implies that a body part grew/shrunk - nothing about any weight being redistributed, but also no actual change to your character weight. It also seems a bit odd that these events don’t seem to change fullness.

So yeah, nothing really game-breaking, but at least the first two are probably worth taking a look at.

The first two points are issues I’ll look into. The third point is just a lack of communication in the text I suppose. It increases your specific body part stat by 1, which isn’t supposed to change your weight, just change how “far ahead” that body part is compared to the rest. So if you viewed the mirror event with Belly +5, you would see text indicating that your belly is fat, but perhaps your legs would still be skinny.

The issues with floor 3 disappearing after killing the goblin chief and players not being given the option to stay on floor 2 after defeating the succubus boss are fixed.

I’ve noticed that sometimes the color of the puddle changes from the description when you drink from them. For example, I encountered a blue puddle, but when I drank from it it was a red one.