Some Questions.

I did some Quest Games on the old Version but they were majorly buggy and badly written, however I would like to bring them to the new versions, but under the dead category so people don’t expect updates from me. Would that be doable, and if so what would need done? I can give out the links if that is necessary.

I hope that this is in the right spot, and sorry it’s not a PM to the moderators (If that’s even possible) but I just joined and am getting used to the new interface.


No it is ok to post here. As far as the quest games go it was merged into projects. If you want to post games like that I would post it in there and mark it with the tags video game and text adventure.

As far as making sure they know it wont be updated the best you could do is make it clear in your post. If you keep getting requests for updates (which are against the rules anyways) you can @ moderators and ask them to close it for you.