Some Yaffaif Modding Stuff

So, I’ve been dicking around with modding Yaffaif for a bit now- Enough to feel like I kinda know what I’m doing, at least. So I decided to actually make an account and post about some of that stuff here now.

First of all, none of this is in a release-worthy state as they are right now. All I got is a bunch of prototypes I built up while working out how the game works and how to make custom stuff work. Pretty much all of which are either not very polished, a bit buggy, or otherwise have a decent chance of breaking on update.

However, I can describe some of the things I’ve been working on.

So, for the main thing, cause that’s the kinda thing I’m into, custom fit descriptions for clothing types.
Or well, so, currently clothing uses a set description for each stage of tightness, the only one with a built in override being the fit descriptions when directly looking at the item.
I, for one, found that kinda bland, and so I started working on my own overrides and stuffing them in there.

The simplest prototype and the one I started with was a bra/top type which describes each of the stages in how much it overflows the cup, rather than how tight it is.
The slightly less simple second prototype was a top which then overrode the fit system entirely to instead describe how much it hung over one’s breasts/how much underboob it showed/whether it’d fit over them at all. The first version of this one however, cause it overrode the fit system, would not actually break or drop or whatever, not even with increases in torso size.
So, the current plan is to rewrite this to be able to use and describe both fit and drape-

Other things on the list of clothing-related things to make eventually:tm: include:

  • A cleaner and more generalized implementation of said draping system, such that it works with normal fit, and such that the same system with minor changes could be used for tops, skirts, and dresses rather than a bad rewrite for each type.
  • A skirt and/or dress type which uses a similar draping system.
  • Prototypes of a clothing type which uses fasteners more dynamically- Like popping fasteners before popping the clothing itself, or a top which uses regular fit for torso size but fastener popping for bust size. Similarly, unbuttoned jeans/etc.
  • After that, an attempt at a cleaner more generalized implementation of the above.

As for some other minor things I’ve made while trying to work out how to mod it properly:

  • A prototype custom message which describes bodyparts ‘wobbling’ when one exits an area. Currently this has only one message type for certain values and up, but the intent is to eventually separate it into stages when I find a clean approach.
  • A prototype for lactation which is based off of arousal rather than its own value. Basically, <50% arousal does nothing 50-100% arousal is 0-100% filled. One of the versions disables self-milking and rather triggers auto-milking at 100%, activating some other trigger after doing so, like breast growth or transformation or whatever.
  • A prototype set of chairs which seal the person sitting on them and apply mass to their legs/butt till they’ve reached the target width given by the chair.
  • A prototype set of clothing which apply mass to the covered bodyparts until they fit tightly. Not all too special.
  • A prototype scale item which basically acts like a locked chest which can only opened once someone with the requisite bodypart size uses it. The currently functioning one checks for breast size, opens up when someone with that size+ uses it, and has an optional growth trigger upon failure. Basically, if that trigger is on and it fails it instead applies a modifier which grows the user’s breasts a given amount at a given interval until they do have the requisite size, after which a hint is dropped. When multiple with an active growth trigger but different values are used it picks the highest values and lowest interval from both.
  • A prototype measuring item, all this one really does is give more accurate measurements of one’s bodyparts than the size tab does. Not complete, like at all. Was mostly used for testing purposes.

-There’s a lot of shit you can do with a bit of Java knowledge and some stubbornness.
I might try to make more of an actual custom world when Dingotush releases the empty default setup at some point in the future- but for now I’ll just keep dicking around with these smaller bits, mostly working on the aforementioned clothing overhaul and once in a while making some other prototype to learn how something works.

Anyhow, uhh, I made an unofficial Yaffaif Modding Discord here, where I’ll probably mostly be expressing my anger at Java, sometimes posting updates on whatever fuckery I’ve done this time around or asking for help with descriptions myself, and maybe, at some point, in the far future, in a galaxy far far away, I’ll actually release some mod that ain’t hacked together as hell and bursting at the seams.
Similarly, I’ll be there trying to help with modding Yaffaif for anyone else who decides to try- Although, consider that I’m not omniscient or omnipotent either, I don’t know everything and I sure as hell don’t have the time to tutor y’all in Java.
…Also, still need a picture for the server- Look, graphics design is not my passion, and Yaffaif doesn’t really have a lot of imagery to work with, being a text-based game.


I think I can speak on the behalf of any yaffaif fan here, that we can’t wait for your first release. Content, or the lack of it, is a bit of an problem. Sure it’s just one guy making the game, so we understand the delays, and we are just happy to see updates for it. So having one more person willing to improve, albeit not officially, is very exciting to see.

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I just wanted to say, in case it isn’t clear, that I welcome this effort! And am interested to see what has been created. There’s a lot of generic stuff in vanilla Yaffaif as I’ve been pushing on with the engine and story development, and have little time to finesse things.

I always wanted Yaffaif to be something other people could use to create their own game worlds, which is why I put effort into the documentation of the game’s XML and text/expression language (80++ pages at the moment).

With that in mind, I’ve posted a blank project over on this new modding discord. You’ll need a Java 8 dev kit (JDK), NetBeans 8.2, some familiarity with XML, and the Patreon Experimenter tier documentation to use it.

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