Something fetish games never seem to use.

I have never seen a true Horror game be any way involved in a fetish game. or to better say. all games built to have fetishes never seem to really go in to dark horror aspects. even the games that are taking place in apocalyptic event never go to far in it. flexible survival is a good example. and while it does show a lot of dark background with the city being in bad shape and generally lawless from a nanite plague. it every one infected still seem to have thoughts for the most part and are fairly normal in comparison.

but when I had the idea of my own transformation game also ivolving A nanite plague I would acutlly have there be a large amount of mutated foe that are horrible mutated. but even then I only say some of the mutations of fetish based. like a brood mother style mutant thats like the Darkmother of the Darkspawn. the fetish style stuff for the players only happens in world becuase the Nanites have stabilized. the mutants are either the original victims,or children of said victims


Hm, you are quite right, but I personally think that “Hunger”, which was made by EHCB for Fat Fortnight of 2017 is quite close to the horror genre.
Here’s a link, so you don’t have to look for it


Now to clarify just in case. I DO NOT mean the fetishes used themselves are the horror. and while I won’t say they can’t be sometimes included with more monstrances ways, I more mean the game takes place in a darker more crapsack world. said world could just happen to have things capable of the fetish. like my idea of the Nanaite game. the nanaites are the horror and many uses for the player have nothing linked to fetishes. healing or specific mutations to help in combat. but at the same time it can be used for fetish purposes. like breast expansion/growth or pregnancy/hyper or weight gain. but at the same time some foes may also be mutated the same with for worse results. like the monstrus brood mother mutation where its this mutated mass mostly dedicated to spawning monster children to try and feed it or claim land or something.

There’s a Resident Evil clone that plays and looks just like Resident Evil, spookiness and all, but the main difference is that the zombies can grab and fuck you, causing you to get a belly from the infestation, I guess.

Never played it, though.

Still, most people don’t want to get spooped or grossed out by the game they’re trying to fap to, lust and fear are two completely incompatible emotions, unless you’re one of the few who has a fetish for spooky kink stuff.

Interesting. Before I started on my current game, I was contemplating a vampire game which would have contained fattening/feeding.

Vampires drink human blood, of course, and my concept was that the more powerful your vampire grew, the more blood he/she/it would need to survive. The fattening/feeding element would be that humans were in short supply, and the larger the human was, the more blood they’d be able to give. I’d probably have worked pregnancy into the equation too, for replacing humans that you’d killed/vampirized, etc.

Might still happen at some point. I’ve got quite a few pages of ideas jotted down for it.


I agree, this stuff is super rare. dr-black-jack on deviantart has the occasional horror themed stories and I look forward to those. Never quite understood WHY I’m into that, but it is rather enjoyable.

The explanation is pretty simple: horror is meant to repulse, but erotica is meant to attract. It’s not really easy to strike both chords at once outside of very specific kinks–which generally don’t play into what we come here for.

There’s plenty of horror erotica out there, so the genre must be fairly popular.

As for horror being repulsive, it certainly can be, but only if the creator deliberately goes down that path. Most horror isn’t actually that scary, and this is even truer in video games. Now that I think of it, I’m really hard pushed to think of the last time (not counting jump scares because they’re just a copout 98% of the time) a video game actually scared me.

Eyyyy! :smiley:

I personally love spooky fetish content a lot and I’d love to see more :> Gimme all the zombies and vampires and cannibals!

j8867bbw has made a lot of horror-themed fattening games; you can find links to a few of them with a forum search.

ok I feel I should be specific. I ment to say I havn’t found a game that actully takes place in a harsh world. this is also from my prefrence for a game with feitsh content. its still a game with or with out the feitsh stuff. so like a Apocalypse is still treated as a apocalypse just with feitsh stuff. like in a nuclear world would have mutations that could do fetish content. its from the radiation but its still kink related

Post apocalyptic settings can be interesting, but it’s hard to write one that meshes well with a lifestyle of sedentary overeating.

Unless we’re talking about the robot pampering apocalypse, but that’s like… the least scary doomsday scenario.

Now, there are frightening aspects to WG fetish itself that could be explored, or places where being fat makes a situation that much worse; claustrophobia and stuckage go together, for example.

to be fair. I’m talking in general. weight gain would be a thing but I would have some in game reason. like with a mutation based you need some kind of strength mutation

Tainted Elysium was one, but that’s abandoned now.
Boundless is another, but the writing is so weird and vague that it’s hard to tell if the world(s) are fucked up or not.
Arguably Corruption of Champions works, as long as you avoid Tel’Adre, the main city.

TE, you play as someone who crash-landed on a strange world and literally everything wants you dead/fat/bloated/inflated. IIRC, the world had an apocalypse, too. I can’t remember if you meet anyone else alive, though.
Boundless, you play as, uh, something, traveling around to different worlds and such, and everything is either destroyed or dead, and again, everything wants you fattened or transformed.
CoC, you’re sent to another world to try to solve a demon problem. The demons and their influence have corrupted/destroyed everything outside of, like, two cities and a few little resistance groups.

yeah I played COC and its Close to what I had in mind. its Apocalypse is a bit to sex/fetishes based for me to say its Truly fits. a good middle ground yes. but my own concept of it. and again this is MINE your free to have your own. its a honest end of the world that just happens to have a sexual nature. or is harsh life any way. I did have a idea of a game with the player being what is basically a space gypsy (think more about the Romanian gypsy being treated as unwanted outcasts concept) in a crime ridden city they can’t leave due to plot reason/ crashed escape ship corrupt city government that won’t give them the papers needed to leave idea. and to survive the player has to work in the less legal job life. including being a potential prostitute. many paths the player could pic. with it being a si-fi would similer to TiTs but with less race changing
note I mean by race changing if you picked to play as a reptile you can’t become a wolf like race but you still change how you look in regards to your race. like a dragon motif or naga or something. still a reptile just a new kind