something something music

so this is a sort of follow up to my introduction a couple of days ago. I’ve decided to share a bit of my music so you can all get an idea of the stuff I make and the skill level I’m at

(just a heads up this is still a WIP track, so I haven’t got around to fully mastering it)

if you decide to listen, I would really appreciate feedback! If it sounds bad, tell me. This is funnily enough the first song I’ve uploaded to the internet and I’d like to know if my stuff sounds at least decent.

EDIT: made a track that I’m quite proud of and I think better demonstrates my composition skills.


again feedback would be greatly appreciated!


HMMMMMMM, I like what I hear. 1:02 is so good, holy cow.

Really good! I like the Final Fantasy vibes it gives.
I like that
The only thing I can think of is suggesting a solo for the “gap” that starts at 0:30.

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Definitely a good start! Once you fine tune it it’ll be awesome. Nice job.