Sort of an awkward introduction

Heya everybody! My name is Woomziez and I’ve sorta been a lurker since 2019. Anyways, I have an interest in weight gain and fat/obese furries. I especially love fat faces as they’re so cute to me! But besides thats, I never really gotten into forums or websites like this but this community is quite interesting and it pulled me in further and further to the point where I wanted to make an introduction! I discovered this website through Dispatch’s Big Fatties mod for Starbound and her mod was the main reason on how I got into this fetish. Though I didn’t say much on this website, I sure did browse through it looking at the incredible creations that these talented people made. I mean, the main reason why I never spoke out was because I didn’t want to end up saying stupid or off topic because I know people would judge me. But I soon overcame and that is why I am making an introduction! I hope you all understand and accept me into this community!


Hello, friend! Sorry I couldn’t help you out in the DMs.

I promise you the people here are very accepting!

Please, have a nice stay! I love fat faces too!

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it’s good to meet you! i mostly lurk on the site, too, but i love chatting with people,lol. i’m really partial to fat faces, too, they’re so cute!

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Welcome aboard, Woomziez!


enjoy your stay in such a wonderful place as this

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