Soul Calibur 6 mods?

So I got Soul Calibur 6 recently and, while the character creator is not bad, I’m slightly disappointed at the limits.

I’ve been looking for mods, but haven’t found anything for the CC. Any mods you know of? I’d love to see them

What kind of mods are you thinking of, some kind of slider unlocker? I don’t actually know if that kind of thing exists yet.

More like a body preset replacer or a slider multiplier of some kind

Didn’t create anything on this game since it is not popular.

I saw something about this not long ago. Essentially, “no” as it’s not an easy game to mod beyond some texture replacers (which isn’t uncommon for Unreal Engine games).

The only option I’ve seen is using CheatEngine to modify the values, but it’s not recommended, especially if you play online. I’ve never used this, so I have no experience with it either.

Never considered that, I’ll take a look

Edit: Not quite the sliders I was targeting, but at least I’ve got an idea on how to do it myself

As it turns out, Cheat Engine loses the addresses if you accidentally exit the body screen in SC6

It sucks…