Soul of Gluttony 1.0.1 version Update

Soul of Gluttony
1.0.1 version update:

English: PCMac
Spanish: PC, MAC


Nice little game! I look forward to more being added to it (If there is). Would be nice if the endings got a little more fleshed out, maybe with epilogues?


Sweet! Looking forward to getting my claws into this guy. B)

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Just a bug report with the new content. Spoiler, of course.

So the new character to fatten is Adonis. After Troy gets big enough that he goes on vacation in his home with Han, going into the army building gets you stopped by Adonis, who has understandably taken notice of your actions.

So here’s where the bug comes in. You have the choice to just kill him, or trick him into getting fat too. I did fattened him up once, went to bed, then made a cake. I did go to his house to see that he was there, but afterwards went to the army building anyway just to check if I was missing something. I get stopped by ‘normal weight’ Adonis, and get taken back to his house for questioning. with ‘fat 1’ Adonis. I decided, meh, kill him. But then ‘fat 1’ Adonis is still there to talk to. Soooo…I get stopped by Adonis twice, despite having should have only gone through it once. Yes, I had a cake item when I went there the second time, but I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to be stopped by him twice.


I think another bug with Adonis is the fact that you do not need to do anything to fatten him up. I was busy with other characters but every time I returned he asked for Cake while being fatter.

To help OP:

  • Adonis Repeat himself if you go back to the Castle / Barrack.
  • Adonis Fatten up without you doing anything to him.
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can somebody fix this please ( sorry my English not good)
I like this game but i can’t play this version cause this problem

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Thank you for the update can we have more characters that would make our mc fat? I feel like the story’s are a bit short and the endings can be longer. but thank you for this game. :grinning:


anyone knows how to get the new bad ending?

Fantastic game, think I got all the endings? Just wish there was more of it :slight_smile: Loved the art, and especially the dialogue.

I made an account just to say hoe great this game is. It’s really difficult to find a male only, weight gain game and I love this.
The art was great, the characters were engaging and fun, and seeing how soft and big they all got was fun to say the least. And how big you can make yourself too, I really loved it.
I hope to see more of your stuff in the future, if you are still creating of course. Even if it is more of this would be a great thing to see.
So thank you for creating something that is difficult to find that I haven’t already played :sweat_smile: All the best


Umm what it is

This is the best male WG game that I continuously come back to. Just wanted to have it said since seeing if you make something new in the future would be absolutely amazing!

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Wait, How do you play on mobile?-

I don’t think you can, it’s a game maker game, so I think it can only be played on PC. As far as I know anyway.

People use joiplay to play rpgmaker, ren’py, and tyranobuilder games on mobile.