SoulStream Expansive Chapter 2!

!This is NOT My game, I was given permission by the creator (Evosoul)!

SoulStream Expansive Chapter 2 is a sequel to the original SSE (found here) You play as Luca and must traverse
the world of expanding ladys! to discover what is making them so big! Unlike the first
game this one will be made in the unity engine VASTLY Improving its quality. and
while there is no direct weight gain in either the first or its upcoming sequel it has
many weight gain adjascent fetishes that im sure you will enjoy!


No, Chapter 1.5 has been released, but chapter 2 has not been released yet. Also the creator’s name is Evosoul, Luca is the name of the main character in the games he makes

ya chapter 1.5 is technically the demo for chapter 2

Thank u for the corrections!