Space Gas station sim

Hey guys, Im still lurking here I had a crazy idea for a sci fi setting with weight gain elements, mostly inflation aspects.

Lore: It takes place in the deep future (time pending) where a new form of feul has revolutionized plantery, interplanetary and deep space travel thanks to the discovery of this dopey humaniod alien species which are repitllian in nature (kind of like a mix of kobolds and fish) who when they eat the right amount of food will grow massive guts which will upon digestion create biofeul with more energy packed inside compared to feul rods (nuclear power).

Because of this species (Im gonna call them the Inids) docile lethargic nature it was easy to integrate them into human society. The only problem is they love to travel and are nomadic the solution is they made these gas station for them to unload their feul and reload on this jelly like slurry which fills them up, they longue on hover chairs which are feul efficent vehicles which are powered by solar panels using the power of local suns they help the Inids go about their homeland racing about where ever they please.

Due to the ease of their lifestyle their population has skyrocketed across the galaxy systems all over use this nomadic type of feul gather, several other buisenesses have been made to accomodate this energy producing lizard people. Jelly production factories, jelly platform construction company, feul collection chairs to even feul conversion sites that refine the waste into useable feul for the galaxys vehicles and systems harvested from the feul silos of yhe jelly platforms.

There are other races: humanity known as Landers (perfer to live on planets then be on ships doing varioud jobs using robots for labor while doing more advance level tasks), Beardos (dwarves who make up a majority of space trucking and mining industry), Apex Hunters (big gnolls who are known for their work as mercenaries and pirates) and Econ Born (elves who have adapted to the expansion of industry who are know for their production luxury goods such as expensive wooden furnishings, designer clothes and fine foods they compete against humans in the Inid Feul market)

Game Idea: You are one of the races of the setting (even an inid) who is the manager of one of the jelly platforms which feeds inids and collects their waste. Each race has their own trait that makes the game more unique and challenging to play (traits and disadvantages pending) however what I can say is with customers who are independent from the factions you will be on nutral standing with them, such as independent colonies and small truck companies will get you some money but nothing compared to faction quotas which are more challenging but more rewarding.

Jelly station income and fetishes (pending): Inids pay the platform in the form of mock currency called In-coin which can be used to buy new tech and side businesses as well as purchase more jelly or different kinds of jelly which could make the inids fatter (or change fetish wise such as blueberry and other transformations) which wield more unique waste types (the waste looks like pearls which change in color depending on what they ate).

Boil and moneys value: There are factions you can sell the waste (Im calling it unrefined B-oil, bio oil) to be refined meeting quotas of these groups will be paid in the universal currency which is called Guck (Galaxy Buck) which can be used for overall upgrades to enhance the platform, advertising, and even allow the player to go out to eat at local places on the planet theyre platform is on (name pending). Faction points will allow you to get unique decorations and or bonuses when selling to that faction (Im thinking enevitable you will only be able to align with one of the factions).

Factions: each race has a faction which depending on your character will either be negative or positive towards, though this changes if you send unrefined b-oil to them as well as gifts to the factions change depending what you get them. The planet will have each faction with a representative you have to impress (who they are is pending).

WIP IDEA: This is an idea so I dont know if I will make something of this but maybe in the future I can come up with some designs and hopefully find some people help make this real cause I think it can be fun, Im thinking there will be an option in the platform to have players choose males or females only indicated by a sign that flips dependingnon the preference, this doesnt change the amound of customers that are fed rather what they look like physically.


This looks like an interesting idea at least for me