spacethumper but bad

today i thought of: “what if… spacethumper but bad??” And then i made this game.
link: spacethumper but bad by BadGamerDev
also btw if your antivirus notices this and it calls it a virus, it’s a false positive, same with spire of food.


even if norton mention about the file?

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yeah. it’s just a false positive

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I’d probably run it through a file checker on internet before doing anything with it just to be sure

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Been a while since I used Norton, but one of the reasons I ditched it was because of the insane amount of false positives it threw up!

Never hurts to double-check stuff, of course…

I don’t run Norton, I run Avast and if Avast flags something then I’m absolutely certain I don’t want to open it

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i’m sorry but when i looked at the flagged heur.advml.b file that an malware that is not good to have that part of the file so that a no go for the game mate