Spammers take old forum, Atticus considers nuclear option

Ha, well, looks like my old forum for Elysium ( is over-due for retirement. It’s been neglected for over a year and no one posts about it. As I had stated in one of my blog posts I had planned on retiring it and shipping all forum related activities to this lovely new place. Well, it looks like some Russian spammers got in when I wasn’t looking the other night and flooded the place with over 562 posts between 66 accounts. (they weren’t even formatted correctly, so it was nothing but Russian text and broken links, Ha!).

So, I’ve officially locked down the old forum and purged all the Russian accounts and posts. It’s too much hassle to deal with right now (given that I never set up any spam defense in the first place, it’s really a big surprise this didn’t happen sooner. lol) and so disabling user registration and locking all the threads seems the best thing to do at this time. I may delete it all later, or I may even restore it should there ever be a need (seeing that we have this board here on WeightGaming, I hardly see the point of restoring it, but eh) and so for now, it’s just a testament to time. You can still browse and read through it if you need to retrieve anything you wrote, but there’s really nothing of much value there. If you were one of the people using the old forum and never got a question answered or what have you, feel free to use this forum or my blog.

Going forward I had wanted to change all my links to redirect to this forum anyways, but I guess russian spam is a good enough reason to jump on that transition. lol. Either way, I’m glad we have this new platform. I wouldn’t say there’s a lot of vocal activity just yet, but it seems to be growing healthily and I’m happy to see that and be a part of all this.

Cheers, and farewell, old forum.

Well, you’re obviously welcome to use the space here as you see fit for your project. I look forward to more community involvement concerning Tainted Elysium on here, though I definitely don’t want to step on your toes and the systems you already have in place, like your blog.

Ha, no worries. Elysium’s traffic isn’t very vocal as it is, so I’m fine with vocality coming from any source.

And in actually, I had no real use for that old forum to begin with, it was just another fun experiment that didn’t really go anywhere.
Hopefully some of my followers will make use of this place though. As much as I’m cool with comments on the blog, I feel that the advantage of a forum is the ability for people to easily see what other people have already written and asked and in general they’re more likely to engage with one another and in a sense, be a more productive source of bug reports, suggestions and all that good stuff.

Blog comments are great and I love one on ones, but you know, there’s more to be had when you get that kind of “community” feel going on.

It is what it is though. So, we’ll see.

Hopefully things work out well her…comrade

Oh, it will. don’t worry.
The forum wasn’t really used anyways. Most of my community interaction takes place on my blog. So, in essence, nothing should be changing really. Still got the blog.

If anything, things can improve considering I’ve gotten a new front in which people can reach me. One that’ll hopefully gather more traffic than the old forum. lol