Specialise or generalise.

So, im in a bit of a conundrum.
Shall i focus on 3D modelling and contribute more assets to use to the community?
(fully modeled, textured, rigged and animated models (with morphs))
or go through with what im doing and continue slowly becoming a general purpose solo-dev.
(the above, with sound, coding, etc)

  • Become a specialised 3D game modeler, it’s hard enough as it is.
  • Become a generally skilled Solo dev, lets see if you got what it takes!
  • I have left a comment, because i wanted to share my thoughts on the matter
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Do both. Contribute the skill-set you currently have, in a way that enriches the community, while working on your own continued development. You are not obliged to give the whole of yourself to the nebulous “community” of fetish-game-developers, nor required to focus solely on your own personal projects. In fact, dividing your focus between the two will likely prove better off for your own interest in the work and your overall skills.

My suggestion? Work on your own projects, post what assets you make for other people to use if you’d like to contribute to the overall genre, and if someone mentions needing something and it sparks inspiration for you? Work on that too, taking a break from one or the other as needed. Don’t put yourself in a box of “just” doing anything, or you will eventually tire of the box you’ve put yourself in. If you’re worried about the slow process of making an actual game for yourself - you’re allowed to do things you’re not immediately amazing at for the purposes of personal development, or even just because you think it’s neat. If you’re sick of it, set it down for a bit and take a look later once you’ve done something else (like the modeling) for awhile.

Unless you’re literally planning on making a living off this, there are no hard and fast rules. Don’t go inventing rules or limits for yourself - just ask “is this something I’m enjoying” and see what the answer is.


I can’t see a good reason to give more assets to community when this community can’t create a game which use those assets. Do we have at least one good 3d weight gain game on weight gaming? I don’t remember any.


Well we do have growth rpg. But I’m not exactly sure if there is any other good one. And if the creator even uses this site.

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Growth RPG isn’t focused on weight gain at all and creator didn’t want me to help with improving quality of fat sliders for it. He said he is satisfied with how his shape keys and bones scaling work which is clearly focused only on muscle growth (since only muscles looks good with it).


I think that there is more potential in you remaining specialized, because that’s how it works, its very rare that someone can be a high-quality-across-the-board indie dev.

But like the Well-Being said theres no reason you cant move twoard both. if you can find a project you want to lend your current skills to, then do so. If you cant, then start working on your own solo projects in the mean time.


In my opinion, it seems fairly rare that devs use assets from the community when making their games beyond some RPG Maker assets. Every 3D game I see tends to just make their own models so I’d say work towards making your own game. Or alternatively find someone or even a small team that compliments your skills, such as a writer or programmer who can benefit from your modelling talents.


I do plan to release assets and code on any failed/abandoned or completed game in the end though.
i’ve just been training for this for so long now, that i’ve felt at this split in the road for a while.

thanks guys! solo dev it is.

Nobody uses 3D, and those who do can either model themselves, or use Koikatsu.

If you’re going to model in 3D, do it for yourself or your own project, because it is also very unlikely that someone may use yours + there’s a plethora of abandoned project collaborations.

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that’s a very good point also.