speed running Fatty Text adventure

so a while back i did a speedrun of how fast i could get my character killed by gingerbread people, i think it was sub 2 minuets but now im thinking of doing the whole game, so ima set some stuff up

any% (kill the evil kobold)
boss% (the the witch, hydra, snake, shaman, golem, cheese monster, tiger giant and kobold)
ginger% (die to gingerbread (i have a time of 2 minuetes i think, i forgot so ignore this))
100?% (kill all bosses, gets atk, agi, int, end to 1000, complete all quests, get a weight of 3000+)
cheat% (100% but your allowed cheats)
anynull% (any% with all stats at 1)
null% (100?% with sll stats at 1)

this is just for fun








starting point
after character creation where your in your bed room

post the links in reply form


just some help for any%

train capacity to 100 (or further if your good at spam clicking, i would reccomend stopping at 500)
farm strength, it is a stat useful in most situations and you, in the quote of jen from outsidexbox “hit the back things real good”
dont make yourself fat, make your wallet fat

(also it took me about 15 minuetese to win in the grass lands consistently. if you were lucky enough you could win by going to the mountains, the 1st square takes you to the cobolds you go to the final boss, he is unnable to hit you once, every hit you do is a critical and it would take ages. and if controll was used several times you would be dead)


Man, this brings me back to the “null” challenge. Try manually setting each stat to 1 and doing 100% with that restriction. Might not seem possible at first, but if you’re creative enough, you can actually pull it off.

Going to pass on the speedrunning though. My shaky hands prevent precise movements.