spire of food

uhh link here:

currently a demo rn, looking for cool gamers to play this game
also open source


This immediately triggered my anti-virus on download…

Same here so who’s bold enough to see if its a false flag?
Edit: to be honest its probably ok since they already made a post to this platform before.

couldn’t pay me to try, the presentation sounds suuper sus.

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whoops. i forgot to find the virustotal… sorry!

update: went to virustotal and i found out that it’s a false positive

I 100% trust this.

(upload a version that doesnt set off our anti-virus)

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i think all versions set off some anti viruses O_O

While some can set off antivirus stuff, it does make people REAL gunshy if you have a trigger for it without a single gameplay pic or even a title screen. Even the image on Itch appears to just be fairly generic splashart of the title itself. Honestly, I’d usually be the biter of the bullet, but my laptop actually died today, so you’ll want to post an image or 3 of gameplay to get people invested.


the creator other stuff was clean, the 2nd download the foodie.exe file is the one that gets detected, and the game opens and stuff but its a while screen with music which i am sure was a mistake by the author since their other games are pretty “my first game” feel, so i believe that was a genuine mistake since it was just uploaded recently as a demo so it will be fixed. Opening the foodie exe in virus total brings up 17/72 with inconsistent detectings with one being a Trojan called “School Girl” and Malware Gen, and its not consistent on the well known anti virus detecting the file either with Bit Defender giving the clear but Avast saying it’s bad. So i believe it’s a false positive. The other file the source file .mfa brings up zero detections.

Still i am going to run a full anti virus scan and malware bytes just in case but i believe it’s false positive.

so i looked into it more and it seems to be an issue with lot of clickgame engine titles, that tend to get flagged with the same things such as malware gen and school girl. reply below on reddit mentions the exact same thing.


and more posts about clickteam exe’s being detected as trojans




Sorry for massive post like this but it’s 100% clickgame being the culprit, apparently it’s something that they cannot prevent on their side if you look at their official forms it’s something to do with flash …

and finally if the creator is reading this thread here is how they can “maybe” fix the false positives Prevent False Positives in Fusion 2.5 – ClickFusion Academy

hell i tried another clickteam engine game by the devs themselves and it was detected by my anti virus as a trojan horse and i read elsewhere that even clickteam own games that they made have been falsely picked up as malware or trojans and unfortunately they can’t do anything about it.

and clickteam fusion is legit, on steam and itch.io and cost money and which lot of indie devs use for their games.

Edit: tried a couple more clickteam engine games and my antivirus didn’t like any of them, virustotal also gives random this or that it apparently detected so yeah 100% false positive in my eyes.

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edit: decided too decompile the exe using source explorer, scanned the folder it made and there is nothing, i looked through the folder and nothing out of ordinary either, and yes there are images even though the game is a white screen. i have a feeling i was right about the dev being a beginner.
Animation-1 Direction-0 Frame-0
Animation-0 Direction-0 Frame-0

dev made an update, they fixed the white screen issue and they are working on the false av detections.

the screen was white due to the camera not scrolling to the player

Ok um…


OP just so this isn’t all me being kind of blunt plenty of people start with basic games as go on to make far better so the only way is up.

Having said that I really hope most of this is placeholder stuff because the art looks like something I’d draw so I’m hoping it’s placeholder.

Having tried to play the game it doesn’t even seen to work properly. The weird platform thing shoots up and never seems to come down again, the bottom of the level seems empty with sometimes a gem thing spawning that switches the character spite to a fat character.

The game such that it is already seems to have at least one pretty bad bug (you can walk off the edge of the screen and it will then make your character invisible if you try to move back).

I’m really not sure what kind of feedback you’re wanting or expecting because it’s so clear this is so early in development there’s little to really talk about here.

Hey coldsteel. I’m glad you figured out the whole virus thing. This game seems to be at a really early stage and you appear to be a begginer, but both of those things are absolutely fine. We’re here to support anyone who takes on the (sometimes herculean) task of making an enjoyable wg game. Take your time developing it, ask for support where you need it and if you don’t give up I’m sure you’ll make something amazing.

thanks. i’ll try to make it better

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oh yeah by the way this has no relation to a certain fangame named “sugary spire”.