Spontaneous Growth (Text Based WG Game)

This is my first wg game and I was hoping I could get some feedback on it. It’s space themed and includes wg and stuffing mechanics. It’s also text based.




I sure hope you continue to work on this game, from what I’ve played this has some great potential. It reminds me a lot of the demo of Space Odyssey by jerkajerk and I can only hope you expand upon this idea further.

I have no bugs to report as of yet but I will keep playing to see if there is any.


I’m quite confused on what to do here. Can someone give me an idea?

what do you appear to be confused about? I don’t believe they have added any story or anything into it yet, it seems more like a proof of concept than a full demo atm.

I can understand that, but I’m kinda wondering if there is a limit according to the character’s WG. Plus, how to deal with the robot’s gaining?

I believe there is a limit to the character’s WG, i went into the vent room and spammed the cake until it just said “wearer capacity reached” and nothing to do with adjustment of the suit.

By robot gaining do you mean the powered off robot? I flipped a switch in another room but I didn’t think it affected anything.

The robot only activates if the switch is turned on. Afterward it keeps continuing to gain weight via a timer. I’m not sure why, but the game somehow unfortunately freezes at some point.

Does it have something to do with the growth ray or box of cookies? they may be causing the weight gain of the robot.

I’ll test it out now.

Edit: it says when you activate the robot that once it apparently reaches critical mass you will lose, that is probably why the game crashes.

Huh, the game does end when the robot reaches critical mass, but that hasn’t crashed the game for me. I’ve downloaded it and am running it on desktop, so maybe try that if you haven’t yet?

You type “use expandafoam 300(or whatever it is called) on robot”. This defeats the robot, and ends the game.

It’s base mechanics are pretty solid so far. Now all you really need to do is flesh out a lot of the text, and maybe refine the customisation a little bit (replace the description option with maybe options like hair and eye color).

I also hope that weight distribution thing can have better utilization in the future. The only way to see it in action is by the player outgrowing clothes, and that doesn’t really describe much. I was hoping for a mirror somewhere, but I never found one. I would at least hope for a way to look at yourself.

Another thing is that there’s not much to do at all, which leaves the adventure feeling a little shallow. I kinda hope more story elements get added as well.

Overall though, it’s pretty good for just being released for us to see

Good luck on the project!

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I would at least hope for a way to look at yourself.

If you type “look at [your alias]” I believe you get more details about your character’s limbs, or do you mean more specific details than that?

This shows some serious promise! I really like that you added the ability to change weight distribution, that’s something I think all wg games should have in order to effectively appeal to everyone. If you’d like some help, I’d be happy to write you some descriptions for body parts and things!


This is great though I hope you’ll fix the glitch where instead of the characters name when its custom in expansion its Eva and it adds 225 pounds making the characters weight in the 100,000 pounds range in the counter


I honestly didn’t know you could do that, thank you! But honestly, more vocabulary than “Leg is average” would be nice. It is a solid foundation for future possible additions though, if future additions will happen.

Really hope this gets fleshed out more but sadly it looks like it might be dead or forgotten like so many other promising looking weight gain games. The very little that that’s here is already pretty enjoyable. Even just being more detailed on the descriptions would greatly enhance the game.

Also, can anyone tell me how to get the custom modifiers to work and to pick a name that isn’t Eva, since apparently that glitches things?

I believe declaring a game dead is against the rules of the forum. I understand that your excited and frustrated, but the rules are there to prevent harassing the developers, as game development can be quite stressful on its own


As @Skinny_Guy pointed out, your post here is against the rules. Please keep your posts constructive and keep in mind that all of these projects are by hobbyists who have lives outside of their projects on here. Development is generally going to be slow and punctuated with long periods of silence.

It was more for encouragement considering I also pointed out how and why I would like to see it continue, but go off I guess. Also, doubling down on informing someone of something and not adding anything that was covered before is a bit less constructive