Spooky Girl Sprites for Halloween

Happy Spooky Month, Everyone. Figured I’d try my hand at making RPG Maker Sprites based off of Grimimic and Vollerei’s sprite templates and decided to make the characters from Impossible Snail’s Super Fatty Office Assistant Simulator. From left to right, top to bottom we have Pearl, Chloe, Jessie, Kathy, Victoria, Erika, Polly and Stacy. (Note that Victoria’s sprite is partially transparent which is why she looks so dark against the Forum’s black background.)

Base Sprites

SFOAS Girls when the AC is broken

SFOAS Girls working from home

SFOAS Girls in Bikinis

Character Designs by Impossible Snail
Body Templates by Vollerei and Grimimic
Pearl’s Dreadlocks by Jack Saintsworth
Chloe’s Horns by cosmickitty
Clothing and Everything Else by Chum Beef

I also figured it might come in handy to show off the office clothes I made for use with the base tall sprites.


Open Jacket Closed Jacket


Button up Shirt Unbuttoned Shirt Belly Shirt


Dress Pants Bikini


Shoes Boots

And finally, a sneak peak at what I plan on working on next: