Spreading the word?

I was about to post journals to FA, Weasyl etc (where my game is also referenced) to let people know the forums are back, but it occured to me that the admins/mods might want a bit of a soft start and not be overstuffed with returning user requests/problems.

Any advice? Do we go for it, or hold fire?


Grot has special links you can use so we can track traffic and community outreach success. He should be able to help you in that regard.

Feel free to spread the word any where you like. As for what @kilif said we use google analytics to track how the site is being used and where from so we can further improve the site and see how it is doing overall.

If you wish I can create campaign links witch will tell us how well your links are doing at drawing traffic. You just need to tell me the sites you wish to post the links and I will provide you a list of links. Otherwise feel free to just post the straight link.

Thanks for helping with spreading the word!

I don’t really need to know how successful my journals/notes are, so I just went ahead and posted them. Hopefully the word will get around!

Thanks for spreading the word!