Spyro Fat Mod

Do anyone recognizes the mod in this gif: Spyro Script GIF - Spyro Script Fat - Discover & Share GIFs ?
I only know of Chunky Spyro by Reyriders and ColdSteel’s Fat Spyro , but the one in the gif seems like neither of them or a mix of the two, somehow…


Bumping this question because the model looks great and I also want to know


Going to leave a comment too, I need that mod now

I remember seeing this on twitter way way back, but I dont remember who the user who tweeted it was and I think the mod at the time was either WIP or unreleased and not sure if they ever wanted to release it.

Its been so long though the only thing I can say for sure though is I remember seeing that on twitter lol.

if it was that you saw on twitter then it will probably be super hard to find it. whenever I try to find something old on twitter the user that posted it has been banned or deleted the account. I feel like everyone on that site are on their like 5th account or something

Here’s the original twitter postsupposedly, it really was just the reyriders mod


It kind of looks like it was modified from the original mod

Yeah I remember seeing it on twitter too. I believe it was Fattywindragon / doughydevious who posted the gif

It’s a mix of mods. Reyriders’ Chunky Spyro, a colorswap to the classic Spyro colors, and a size-change from the Omniswapper skin pack mod that unfortunately seems to no longer be supported; ModDB download just gives you a link to a Google Drive that isn’t available anymore.

I found a link for Omniswapper that still works. But even using the scale setting doesn’t give you the same results, everything scales evenly unlike the video which seems like the head is in a smaller scale than the rest of the body

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I agree with that. On the video it looks like if it was a model of an older Spyro, rather than just classic texture and resize. Though it might just look like that cause of the crisp Twitter gif compression.