squarewave 29 weight gain game

There’s this game made by squarewave29 in 2006 that I want to try out, but it relies on flash so I can’t access it. This is the link to the actual game wg_20060713 and this is a link to what I believe to be a translated version of the game hutotterune . Does anyone know any possible way to play it without flash, or is it now forever unplayable?

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I’ve managed to get the untranslated version from swfchan. However, I have no idea what is happening in it. Here it is. You’ll need a standalone player for it.

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do you think it could be translated by someone else?

Ok, I think I figured out how to play. Every turn, you get a series of buttons, and you need to press the one that says “You’re fat” in its respective language. This makes you gain weight. Guess wrong, and you lose HP.

The game’s languages are (and I’m not sure if I’ve seen them all yet):

  • English (“You have fat”)
  • Japanese (there are 2 options that start with a character that looks like a “t” with legs; pick the shorter of these
  • Chinese (pick the one that’s 4 characters long)
  • Spanish (“Usted es gordo”)
  • French (“Vous etes gros”)
  • Arabic (the shortest one which looks like it starts with a “j”)
  • Russian (the short one that starts with a “B”)
  • Greek (it starts with an omega)
  • German (“Sie sind fett”)
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“you are fat” in chinese “你是脂肪”
But the funny thing is the phrase translated back to English is: You are body fat.
if you want to know some good translate, we don’t use 脂肪 to mean some thing is fat, we use 脂肪 to mean thing have “body fat”, we use 肥/胖/肉 to mean someone is Fat.

Oh yeah that weird game, believe me the later languages almost look like something out of a enchantment table language. I think once you reach the blue portrait (been a while since I’ve seen the game, but is where she is fat all over and trying to do something with her shirt) is when the languages get very murky, and to make matters worse there is a pink/violet one where she is panicking and crying over how huge she has become. The last portrait is the furthest I’ve gotten to, not sure if somehow there is another one beyond it.

Edit: The blue portrait is the fourth stage, while the pink/violet one is the fifth stage.

You can download and open .swf flash games in adobe flash projector

I know it kinda defeats the purpose of the game but I put together a quick extra easy all English version if you want to try it.


I think squarewave29 stopped making games and has since stuck to his usual fat fanarts. He’s got a DeviantArt account, too.