SSO Soft Launch and Game Jam Date Announcement!


So I am happy to announce we have finished the SSO setup! The new SSO system is now online and can be found on the login screen as a sign in option:


Right now this option is not being forced, instead we are doing a soft launch giving users the option to migrate their account over before we start enforcing using the SSO in the next couple of weeks.

There are 2 ways to migrate accounts depending on how you originally created your account.

  1. If you made a traditional account with an email simply register for a new account on our SSO using the same email you used on your current account. Once the account has been created you can finally log in to thr forums and it will automatically re-link the accounts.

  2. If you used a gmail or linked a github or google account you can choose to link that same account with our SSO and it will automatically re-link with the forums.

One thing to note is the Hub server does not redirect you back to the forum sometimes. When this happens you will be taken to the dashboard and can access all linked sites and services from a small button in the upper right corner of the screen:


You can use this to go directly back to the forum. If any one has any trouble with this feel free to contact me directly through the site or our discord.

2nd Fat Fortnight Date!

Voting has closed and we have looked through the feed back and decided on a date for the 2nd annual Fat Fortnight game jam! The date we decided on is July 26th to August 9th. Expect to see more details on this throughout next month.

Shameless Plug

As usual if you like what we are doing and want to help support us consider donating to the site through our Patreon!


So why is that image showing a button with nine boxes as its icon?

That is the sub menu to bring up the services menu on our SSO server. This allows you to use the SSO server to move between our sites and other services that are linked to that server.

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Is there a link to the new site? I tried looking it up and it just brought me to this post

No there is no link. The new site is still under construction this is a support server that will be used to manage user identities. if you want to go to the account server though it is

Thank you, I think I signed up my account to the new server now

So is this where TE and other groovy games will eventually be hosted?

No the SSO deals only with handling logins and identifying users. Due to hubs setup though you will be able to access other server and services through it as we add them.

One thing the SSO will allow us to do though is be able to set up a cloud save system where saves can be tied to user accounts. While we have no plans on trying to do that for TE we may experiment with it if/when we have time.

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Ah, that’s really neat. So the SSO thing just acts as a main hub for other services within it then?

This thing is gonna be cool once you get more of it worked out. Thanks for the answer

I think I did it right. I honestly have no idea. Used a gmail account when I signed up, so I clicked the SSO. It had a google “G”, clicked that, and it came back to the main page and I was logged in.

Yep you are good to go.

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That sounds like what happened to me, so it’s good to know I didn’t mess anything up lol

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Ya gmail users have it easy bc they have 2 ways they can go about it. The normal registration or linking their gmail account. If you are ever wondering if it worked though remember you can check your linked accounts under your user preference page

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Can’t seem to link SSO with my account. I have an account with a username (not email account) but they are linked. However when I try to sign on with my email account it seems to not link the same password, or if I use my username trying to login to SSO it doesn’t recognize me.

How do I get the SSO link thing to work?

I dont see any account with your username or email on our SSO. Did you create a new account on the SSO using the same email you used for this account as instructed? If you are currently using google or github signin did you use those options to sign in on the SSO?

You were correct. I just now signed in with the same username and email address and verified via the email, however it still doesn’t recognize me.

Sometimes when you register the account it does not automatically link the account. We do not know why this happens but it is related to having multiple sign-on methods on the forum and the email verification. If you now sign in with the SSO it should link the accounts.

Just had a thought. Any chance that an achievement (or what ever they are called) could be added to reward users who link their account early? I just thought that it would be a good way of getting people to do it, but I understand if this is too hard to do or whatever, I just think that it would be nice.

Sorry for the late response, I’ve been busy and haven’t logged in in a while.