SSO Update and Server Maintenance

Good day everyone! So I have good news, our SSO testing is done for the most part and we are now moving on to setting up for production!

Right now we are aiming to have the soft launch of the SSO either Sunday (5/24) or Monday (5/25). In order to get the SSO linked up to the forums though we will need to bring down the forums to do some reconfiguration of the server. Since we will have to tear down the server for this we also want to get some standard maintenance out of the way at the same time.

Right now we are planning to do this maintenance late Saturday or early Sunday (11:00pm MST - 2:00AM MST). Due to the amount of work we have planned users should expect service interruptions lasting between 30mins-2hrs and occasional interruptions afterwords as we work out any kinks that may have popped up. During the outages we will distribute information through our twitter and discord till the forums are back up.

We will create a new post with additional information once the maintenance is done and the system is stable. Thank you all for your patience and understanding.