Staffing Changes: Juxtaterrestrial and Krodmandoon

A brief announcement to all that we have some staffing changes in place. After many years of dedicated service, Juxtaterrestrial will sadly be stepping down from his admin role as Head Moderator.

To quote Juxtaterrestrial himself:

I’m sad to announce that after around 7 years as the head moderator for Weightgaming, I’ll be stepping down. The reasons are straightforward and boring. I’m simply in a different place in my life and so have less time and energy than I’d like to dedicate to maintaining and participating with the community. So I think it’s only fair that I step down and let someone more engaged take my place.

However, I’m not going to be leaving the forum. I was member number 3 after Kilif and his husband so it’s obviously a place that means a lot to me. I’m proud of the community that’s developed and I’m thankful I was given the chance to play a role in shaping it. I look forward to seeing where the site goes next and all the cool projects and updates that come out in the years to come!

Thankfully, as stated, Juxt will continue to be a part of this community and work on his projects (to allay any fears for all you Myre fans out there!). We wish him well in his continued endeavors.

Replacing Juxtaterrrestrial as Head Moderator will be Krodmandoon. Though this may come as a surprise to some given his recent addition to the team, Krod’s promotion was a long-term plan in the making that has finally come to fruition. I think we can all agree that Krod has taken to his moderation duties with aplomb and as such we have faith that he will apply the same energy and enthusiasm to his expanded (heh) role.

This will also mean that new positions for Moderators will be announced later down the line.

Once again, we bid a final thank you to Juxtaterrestrial for his service, along with welcoming Krodmandoon to the admin team!


Thank you Juxtaterrestrial :heart:

Hail Lord Krodmandoon :pray:


So long and thanks for all the fats!

And to confirm, those are indeed my words!

See you around everybody!


…Banned. Right to jail. lmao


Thank you for doing so much for the community. This community could not have been established and persevered this long without dedicated individuals such as yourself, the admins, and the moderations team. I happy to hear that you will still be sticking around in the community as a whole.


Krod started keeping threads in line for a year or more before having any official powers at all. Typically backseat modding is frowned upon most of the time, but krod’s politeness and correctness was on such an otherworldly level that this feels like a natural and awesome maneuver to have him end up in this position :slight_smile:


Thanks for the years of dedication Juxt, you definitely deserve a nice retirement.

And congrats Krod! I’ve seen you pop up all across the forum and you always seem to do a professional job at moderating. You’re a natural choice for the role!


I see, thank you for all that you’ve done!


I can agree
Krodmandoon seems like a good choice for the role considering the work ethic
so congrats @Krodmandoon