Stance on Fat?

What does Stance on Fat mean? And what if you set it to negative, positive, or neutral?

I believe it is mean to be how that character thinks of being fat as good, bad, or unimportant, to simplify it. At the moment, it affects the description for the succubus boss intro, but I think that’s all right now.

PirateGuy basically explained the purpose of the attribute. Event text could change based on your stance on fat, so if you have a negative stance on fat and you gain weight your character will not be pleased. Conversely it would also affect your attraction to heavier characters throughout the game. Though because it takes a lot of effort to write 3 separate dialogs based on which stance on fat your character has, I haven’t done that much with the current events aside from the succubus boss. The biggest use for it will come up when I’m writing the “View Mirror” event since you’ll be able to jiggle your belly and turn around and model yourself, though if you aren’t fond of fat then it would be out of disgust rather than enjoyment.

It’s to cater to those who have a sort of S/M fetish related to fat and weight gain. Schadenfreude, if you will. Personally I think it’s hotter when the weight gain isn’t accepted by the gainer, probably due to some sadistic tendencies I have, though everyone is different.

This right here is why I’ve been watching your project since you first mentioned it on BBW-chan. Not enough games with the option for not accepting and embarrassment. Love you cryptic.