Star Wars The Old Republic RolePlay Guild

Allow me to shout from the rooftops for a moment, and try and drum up some interest for the BBW Roleplaying guilds I have established in SWTOR.

We are currently sitting at 3-4 active players with several characters apiece, and would welcome additional individuals. Female Characters only.

Popular RP topics are weight gain, stuffing, fat talk, and general In-Character RP.

Edit: BBW’s Social Club on the Imperial side, and BBW Enthusiasts Club on the Republic side.


But what’s it called, mate?

Do you use mods for make your characters chubbier? Because SWTOR, even if it allow to play skinny/average/chubby, is relatively limited.

We are BBW’s Social Club on the primary, Imperial side. And BBW Enthusiasts Club on Republic side.

If you are interested in joining, I have a Discord so we can arrange a recruitment meeting. :slight_smile:

If there were Mods to do so, I would happily. But the answer is no. The bulk of the RP is done through text and the ‘theater of the mind.’

Most characters have a ‘weight’ in the Member’s notes for a rough inspiration for a visual.

I haven’t actually tried MMO roleplaying before, but I’ve got a decent amount of roleplay experience under my belt.

How would one go about joining this?

Assuming you have a Star Wars The Old Republic account, just meet/message me In-game and I could add you to the Guild.

I have a Discord that I would be happy to share if it would be more convenient to arrange said meeting.