Star Wars Themed RP and Hangout Server - Galactic Playground

Me and my bestest of friends, Talyn, are currently working on a small and close-knit roleplay and general fan server themed around Star Wars in its entirety as well as weight gain and related subjects.

We’re calling this server Galactic Playground, and we’re looking to “expand” our numbers. If you’re interested by this prospect, reply here or DM me and we can discuss it!

Please note that due to problems we’ve encountered with having projects we’ve run be completely open invite, we may need to ask some questions to verify that you’re mature and reasonable beforehand, mainly to prevent undue toxicity.

Thank you, and we hope to hear from at least some of you!

EDIT: Applications are currently closed until further notice. They may reopen in the future. Thank you!


If I can hang out and be a Hutt it would be fulfilling a lifelong dream of mine. Or maybe even a tubby droid?

I’m curious, about how big do the members of the server get? Is it realistic weight gain or more fantasy numbers?

You’d be competing with another hutt, and they don’t seem terribly cooperative. That being said, message me.

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Somewhere in between, we haven’t fully decided.

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Can i get the code?, I’m interested

Message me, there’s a few questions I’d need to ask.

Well, I don’t post here often, but Star Wars themed RP seems metal. I’m down to clown. Hit me up with a few questions! I’ll answer as best I can whenever they come around.

I’m intrigued, but I definitely have a few questions.

Is this going to be just a freeform RP, or do have some rules in mind to run things more like a TTRPG. If the former, will there be any sort of, “Scene Master” to help structure the RP’s at least a little bit. If the latter, which system are you thinking of using (D6 system, d20 system, Saga, Edge of the Empire)?

On a similar vein, what kind of setting are you looking at? Old Republic, New Republic, Rebellion era, etc?

Same goes to WG themes. Is there any unifying WG theme to the setting, or is it whatever comes to people’s mind as they RP?

The reason I ask these kind of questions is that I’ve been in free-form RP’s before, and I’ve always found to be a mixed bag and chaotic, especially when RP narratives clash. Yet at the same time, the idea of a WG Star Wars game is something I’ve surprisingly have never considered and I’m certainly open to the possibility.

It’d unfortunately wouldn’t be what you’re looking for. We’re aiming to keep it casual, not really in any regards to tabletop RPG structure. If anything, it’s a semi-IC hangout server at best, just for casual roleplay and discussing Star Wars. Apologies!

Thanks for the reply. You’re right, it’s not quite what I’m looking for. I guess I just prefer something with a little more structure like D&D. The last freeform RP I did a couple years ago was a weekly Star Trek game that was alright, but I got burnt out due to the lack of direction from week to week.

I wish you luck in your RP server!

where is the link? or isnt there and the server in WIP?

I’m down for something like this.

Hi I saw your post and am interested. I can’t dm you yet since i’m a new user but if you could dm I would like to discuss this

I’m closing further applications to the server for now, apologies. There’s simply too much for me to handle now and the application process is going from fun to stress-inducing. I’ll let you all know if applications reopen in the future.

Thank you all for your interest in the Galactic Playground project!

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how do i join it?
plese respond

Would appreciate if you read my edit or most recent post.

To summarize - you can’t. Applications are closed and are not likely to open for the foreseeable future. It ended up being too much of a hassle for me and the person I initially created the server for. Apologies.

Could a mod lock this thread or something please?

oh sorry i got too impatient and sorry i was being too forceful, i respect you and your server sorry for my actions. With god’s grace im sorry that i was impatient. - bird