StarBound Big Fatties Add-On: Big Fatties Incorporated

Big Fatties Incorporated is a mod for the original Big Fatties mod that tries to incorporate the added items and furniture into ‘normal’ StarBound gameplay. I decided to try to make this so I didn’t have to have the Big Fatties shop in my ship all the time to get the mod’s full experience.

Right now, I’ve made crafting recipes for some items, listed below, and added most of the miscellanious furniture and items to merchants.

I haven’t added the weapons or tools anywhere yet, as I’m trying to figure out how to balance that.

I’m still very new to StarBound, and even newer to StarBound modding, so this is all I could manage for the moment. In the future I’m hoping to figure out how to make/edit dungeons so you could find those cursed mirrors, chocolate fountains, and avian statues out in the wild.

Current Recipes:
Crafted at Tier 2 Furniture Bench, found in Beds Tab
Feeding Tube: 5 Titanium, 10 Glass, 500 Coconut Milk/Lard/Grease/Honey/Jelly
Chocolate Feeding Tube: 5 Titanium, 10 Glass, 500 Liquid Chocolate

Crafted at the Refinery
Chocolate: 1 Cocoa Pod or Chocolate Bar
Lard: Any Raw Meat or Egg
Honey: 10 Hive Block
Liquid Soda: 1 Can of Soda or Reef Cola
Jelly: Any Fruit
Grease: Any Vegetables

Crafted at Tier 1 Medicine Table, found in Healing Tab
Digestion Aid: 5 Swamp Water, 2 Living Root, 1 Glass Bottle

Crafted at Tier 2 Medicine Table, found in Healing Tab
Distilled Digestion Aid: 5 Liquid Poison, 2 Venom Sample, 1 Glass Bottle

Crafted at Spinning Wheel
Big Lips: 1 Red Dye

Big Fatties Incorporated (23.3 KB)


Sounds like an awesome idea! Seems pretty early in development, but I’d love to see what else you do for this.

Neat! Will be interesting to see what else will be included.

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I’m looking forward to trying this. I’ve always found it a bit sucky that despite having chocolate in the game you can’t find or acquire liquid chocolate normally, because I’m personally not a fan of having to feed characters lard, or make pools of lard to push people into to fatten up, chocolate and other things would be better, so this would be great.

Just updated the mod. I moved all the recipes to make fattening liquids to the Refiner. One of any raw produce will turn into one of the fattening liquids. Meat turns into lard, fruits turn into jelly, vegetables turn into grease. Because the liquids are much easier to mass produce now, I upped the recipe requirements for the feeding tubes. The normal feeding tube can also now be made from jelly, honey, or grease.

I also added a recipe for the massive lips armor I found in the assets.


As a lover of big lips, I just wanna say thank you for putting full lips in! (Is there a possibility of there being fuller lips, btw?)

You’ll have to ask Dispatch for thicker lips. These were already in the Big Fatties mod, I just added a way to obtain them.

I’m not sure how redundant this mod will be once I find motivation for the mod. Things like way to obtain the liquids and recipes for the digestion aids are already things I have in my wip build. And certain things I was hoping people just wouldn’t bother with, but hey I’ve learned a valuable lesson to never leave things unfinished in the mod as people just love those over what was actually provided. The lips for example are not ready.

Ah, thanks for the replies, both of ya. ^^3^^

I did think this mod would be replaced or implemented into the main mod eventually, but, since I didn’t know if you’re were going to release an update in one month or one year, I decided to make this for use in the meantime. It also gave me a reason to learn the basics of modding for this game.

I’m not sure what you mean with the lips not being ready. The function fine as a cosmetic. When I saw them in the assets I assumed you were planning on implementing them as another side-effect of weight gain, but I never heard you talk about it, so I thought it may have been an abandoned idea.

If you want me to remove the recipe for them, I will.


It works “fine” in the sense that yeah it’s a sprite. But I’m not satisfied with it. It’s just meant to be a cosmetic item that would’ve been added in the next update after I polished it up a bit. Also they’re giant face covering lips, piranha plant like face lips, I’m not sure why you thought they were gonna be a side effect of anything.

Well, the item description is “Something has transformed you.”

The objectName for these? (The item file name that you need to spawn something through commands)

You can forge them at a clothes crafting station. They’re called “Full Lipped” or something to that effect.

what are the ids for /spawnliquid?