Starbound Big Fatties Add-On: Fat Erchius Horror Victims

This is a very simple mod I did to dip my toes into the ocean that is Starbound modding. When I noticed that the Erchius zombies and the boss’ lasers fattened you, it felt odd for the silhouettes inside the Erchius Boss to not look different. This mod fixes that, by adding expanded, inflated and fattened ones in it. All kinds!

Because this only replaces a vanilla texture, Big Fatties is technically not a requirement, but you wouldn’t be downloading this if you didn’t have the mod already, now would you?

I’m not sure if it’s a bug or just me being lucky, but whenever I checked the boss, it always had all six floating inside it, while the texture file has options for other amounts. If you might know what the reason for this is, let me know so I can fix it. (18.0 KB)

If I decide to continue this, here’s a couple of things to add:

  • If bug, fix the boss always showing six silhouettes

  • Make it so the NPCs that spawn after defeating the boss are already fattened up, to better reflect the silhouettes


A very nice, welcome addition to the mod! Excellent work!

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Certainly fitting for a mod like this! Any idea when you might get the other stuff done?

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It’s a really nice addition!
If I make a suggestion, it would be cool that as the fight progressed the remaining victims got larger as well.


Unfortunately the victim sprites are on a different layer to the splinters on the Erchius Horror, so while it would probably be possible, I know far too little about it to do that.

I can’t guarantee I’ll make anything else. This was mainly a one-off to see how easy it is to mod Starbound (it’s very flexible but the actual documentation is kind of all over the place), and I’m also developing a game for school, so that’s taking up most of my time.