Starbound Big Fatties: Lucario Compatibility Mod Mod

A mod mod that adds sprites for the Lucario race for Big Fatties mod by Dispatch!Originally I just shared this amongst my friends who also used the Big Fatties mod, but more and more people expressed interest in downloading and using the sprites I had created so I figured it was time I posted them somewhere public.

As of right now only the default sizes are usable- those being Thicc, Chubby, Plump, Fatty, and Blob. On top of that, these sprites are incredibly old, dating back to around 2018. As such there may be a few errors here and there. Chances are I probably know about them and plan to fix them. There are currently no Busty or Stuffed versions or sprites for the Granular Weight Gain addon, though I wouldn’t be opposed to making those in the future.

I’d post some image examples but I made the account literally just to post this mod so I can’t yet. Whoopsies.

Download: Here


I love the sprites for this! The descriptions are good too ^^

Thank you, I really love this mod! Hope to see more of it!