Starbound Mod: Big Fatties

I was considering them but I’d need to deal with their arm wings causing clipping issues, I’ll let you know if anything works out.

That was quick thanks
Also if I think of anymore I’ll let you know

Here’s some Super /sbg/ Race Mod | Chucklefish Forums
The one I’m going is the sheep one not the other (but if your up to it then be my guest)


Well I think I got my version of the chubby Eld’uukhar done. Works in-game and all. Just gotta do the rest of the body sizes still.


I tried to do the slime race the same way I did the rest, it ends up with you still being able to see the original body under all the extra slime but if you don’t mind that then they’re in.

Also FYI guys, all the mod races are just using race colored versions of dispatch’s sprites with minor edits, I’m not good at making sprites so if anyone makes their own custom ones feel free to replace them.

Edit: Barometta and Vel’uuish have been added

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Hi I’m new here but I must say I love this mod and your work on it! Is there a discord for this, and if not could one be made please? I can see it being better for posting updates and people chatting. Thanks for reading!

Barometta have been added.

I think it was previously brought up and Dispatch decided not to, so unless they have changed their mind the discussion will stay here. If you want to add me on discord though just send me a DM.

So I have been ruminating over this for awhile now. I’ve had a discord server setup for a long time now for the mod. However I’ve always held back on hosting it here as I feel the influx of people might not only be much. But would attract a lot of unwanted as well if I left a link up. People can probably dm me for a link, but I might not accept everyone who asks.

Hello, I’ve been here quite recently and I was interested in this mod because it’s not like any of Strarbound mods I’ve seen. In general, I decided to make sprites for the Argonian race.

(Steam Workshop::Argonian Race Redux)

As a basis, I took the sprites from the Big Fatties mod itself and adapted it to look like an Argonian.

I have already managed to make and check in the game thick size and chubby:


Next I will adapt the sprites for the remaining sizes. Upon completion, I will leave the file to download. If I still have the desire, I could make sprites for another race, which I find interesting for myself and which no one else has done.

(P.S: There may be errors in the text, because English is not my main language.)

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I actually managed to get the human fat sprites to work with the Clownkin race. So now I can have a fat clownkin.

I got the full Eld’uukhar race’s shapes done now! I might as well share it here in case anyone wants it. I might do some edits to it afterwards but we’ll see.

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I made some changes to the Lyceen. fattylyceen


Will you finish the Avali sprites? Just asking so that in case you don’t I’ll make my own.


Hey is grade an sprite white in the game with mod or no

I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand the question?

Fucking autocorrect
Sorry what I said was “hey is the gradevan sprite white like the body in the game or is it not

looks better than what we have, good work!
noob here, you did it for yourself, or it this beign updated to the main mod?

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Thanks! I’ll get around to uploading it at some point, there’s still a bit more that can be done.

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just an idea, there is some alt/white fur on the legs too (the same fur from the chest/belly). But the way it is right now is already really good

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