Starbound Mod: Big Fatties



Hey gotta say good job not posting this on steam it’s pretty competent for a fetish mod (which is fine and I enjoy it) but could I make some suggestions?
1.can you make a armor set that could be the size of the fat floran statue? More armor sets would be cool but you can just make one or two armor sets since if you were that big you probably couldn’t wear anything
2.changing the fat model for the beds would be nice, it just looks like a big ball under the sheets
3.noc and quests would be cool, maybe even have some stations/npcs that rub your belly?
4.the crouch model kinda looks weird but it’s ok if you don’t wanna change it
5.having the novakid girl at the food stand be a companion and would follow along in the quests? the end of the quest you become like some fat lord or something like I said unlocking a outfit where your as fat as the floran statue
7.burping maybe idk if you can do that but maybe just have it as a tool/item you use?
8.having your character pant or comment on their body, this can be a item that you use for different types like for example chubby, (huff) (urf), I-i don’t think I’m the way i used to be… ,I feel kinda cozy…,I think I could go for just…one…more…bite, etc and for fat, ugh…I’m a living bean bag at this point!, I think I need a belly rub, I should probably loose this weight but…I can’t stop it’s too good!, I’m so hungry i could eat the ruin itself!, and for the (if you add it) mega fat,I’m so big! everyone back at my settlement will probably think the ruins back…,I’m supprised I can still move, well… at least a little…,not even that novakid girl at the stand could give me a rub at this point, I’d need more people,etc

This will probably take you some time but what I want atleast is quests, belly rub furniture,and the speech things

But this will take time if you consider to do this


Also don’t you have a tumblr, I’d like to talk to you and see if your still active on this


Do we have a download link of the most current version, sorry, I’m not sure if I combed well enough or not


The download link near the top will always has the most updated version.


ah okay, thanks and sorry for being a dumb ^ .^;


Ironically I see your reply when I’ve found this page again by a Bing search.


Hey, I was wondering: If someone were to make things for the mod, would you add them in?


Hello. I had recently downloaded your mod and it keeps crashing for some reason. I also have noticed the game works fine when I take out the file but crashes again whenever I put it back in. I do not know how to fix this as I have tons of mods downloaded from the steam workshop and I am not sure which mod is causing the problem. Please respond as soon as possible.


nevermind I got it to work


Already implemented into the mod.

Hey, guys ! I made custom hitboxes for this mod !
And sorry for my bad english.
A few days ago i find Arachne race mod, thats features custom hitboxes.
I used code from it to made a mod with bigger hitbox for Big fatty and chubster.

Just put it in your mods folder with Big Fatties mod.

To activate big hitbox just equip fat badge. You may stuck in doors and tight plases using morphball.

This how hitboxes looks like:
image image


Cool! How did you make the hit boxes for that mod, other than copying the code from the mod, you’ve already said that. How did you make the other aspects of the hit box mod? And does it work with the chubster weight and not the blobby weight? Do you think you can fix those bugs?

Also how did you make it show your hitboxes?


When I go to use the weight scale it says "Exception caught in client main-loop (Asset Exception)
Error loading asset /interface/windowconfig/weightscale.config

how can this be fixed?


Likely means something happened with the download and some of the contents of the mod are missing. So try to redownload it and see if anything is different with the second.


ok thanks I will try and see if that is the issue.


when I try putting the species folder in the mods folder it crashes my game. but no other folder crashes it. so now I don’t know what to do.
turns out the fat nova kid species file wont work


well no luck in redownloading the mod I cant figure out why the weight scale wont work.
looks like I might have to wait a bit, or dive even deeper into the mod files.
(which I have been working on for the past 1-2 hours)


Wait putting the species folder in the mods folder? Are you putting everything in the folder into it rather than just the base folder holding it all in the mods folder?



im stupid.
I was modding another game and I misread the instructions of that game/mod with this mod.
thank you so much I fixed it now.


Hi ! First of all i updated the mod: i remove bug that resets your hitbox(i believe), and change chubby hitbox a little bit.
I`ll add screenshots of hitboxes into my original post.
You can see hitbox by typing “/admin” and then “/debug” in gamechat.

How i made hitboxes:

Now all badges from mod giving you hidden effect that called “fattyhitbox” or “chubbyhitbox”.
Here what “chubbyhitbox” looks like:

“StandingPoly” is hitbox while you standing. Let’s take a closer look.



Every coordinate here is a dot in hitbox. Using this i paint hitbox dot to dot.
While hitbox is painted all we need to do is use scripts to insert it into the game. I don’t think you’re interested in scripts.


Does this mean I have to download the mod again to get the update and what do I do with the older file?